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Yoga With Kassandra

What current users have to say...

Debbie Anne
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It's definitely helped me be more consistent with my practice. I can plan my week's classes and then fit them into my day as I'm more organised. I love it!!!
Lynsey Emery
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I love the app! It has helped me become more consistent with my practice because of the calendar feature and also because having the ability to download classes means I can still practice when there is no internet. The exclusive content is amazing and has really helped me to take my practice to the next level. I also use the journaling feature every morning and night to keep track of how I feel, set intentions and as a gratitude log. I cannot recommend the app highly enough!
Maryanne Rice Fiedler
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I love the app! The calendar keeps me focused on regular practice and keeps me honest! 😉 Seriously... I feel bad if there's any empty date box or the dreaded red x!
Lorena Treichler
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What I most love about the app is the calendar! It is oddly satisfying to see one's practice over weeks and months and it keeps me motivated. I would go through the app and choose a class and then reproduce it on my laptop.
Yinkies Yoga
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I tell everyone about your app! It's awesome!!!! I use it nearly every day, and I love it!
Cara Hunter
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I have had the app for about 3 weeks now. I didn't expect to keep the subscription after my free 7 day trial but i was hooked. It's really easy to use and well organized, I can search by style of yoga, length and levels. I love that i can just take my phone and do yoga outside which is also great for travel. The unlimited access to the monthly calendars and the variety of programs to choose from, make it easy for me to follow along and I don't have to scroll to find which video to do next from day to day; but if I am scrolling and I find something I like, I can schedule in the calendar to do later. While there are lots of benefits to going to a studio for a class Kassandra Reinhardt makes it feel like you have a teacher right there with you, her cues are perfect and i can do classes in my pajamas! Love this app!
Mark Greenleaf
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The app is fantastic, it’s simple to navigate to all of the calendar practices, a lot less hassle than going through the old YouTube method anyway. It’s right at your fingertips. But that’s not it, within the app there is a whole wealth of other practices, so if you’ve come in from a run or worked out the day before and you body feels a little meh! or sore, their will certainly be something to give you that “Just what the doctor ordered” feeling.
Lucile Martin
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The app is awesome when you start practicing regularly. I started few month ago and it helped me improve my practice with the calendars and all the lessons available.
Patricia Reposa
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I love the calendar and easy access to the monthly calendars and programs. It’s nice to have everything planned out for me since 5am is not my best and brightest decision making time!
MaryAnne Evans
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Loads of content and easy to use.....brilliant. Another app i tried was sooo complicated and kept wanting extra payments for this and that and was so complicated it was ridculous. I love Kassandra
Alyssia Cinami
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I love the app! The organization helps me find classes I want much easier and I love the search feature. My favorite feature is the calendar because I plan out a week or two worth of classes at a time and it has motivated me to be more consistent, plus I can look back at my month and see the classes that I have done.
Helen Machen-Pearce
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I absolutely love the App. I enjoy the freedom from YouTube and it’s adverts, but I also love how I can organise my favourite sequences into ❤️, and the practices I have lined up to do in ‘my list’. It is also so helpful to be able to download a stack of practices for when I am away and know I will have no internet. I plug my mobile into the tv, or cast with Chromecast, so it’s very easy to set up. Thank you Kassandra
Cat Nieves Lopez
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I love Everything Yoga with Kassandra...So much relatable content...
Caroline Cruise
Caroline Cruise
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The APP is perfect for those wanting to start a home practice. It keeps me dedicated & focused. I practice with Kassandra most days & have learnt so much from her guidance. I especially enjoy the themed monthly calendars.
Ashleigh Gregory
Ashleigh Gregory
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I’ve had the app for a few months now and I love love love it. It is easy to use and the calendar is a brilliant addition. It’s easy to navigate with so much content and it has never ever crashed on me. Well worth the money. I couldn’t live without it now! You are an excellent teacher Kassandra and the app is fantastic. Much appreciated.
Lizzie Noble
Lizzie Noble
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Just did eleven days in a row without a second thought. So easy, organised and feels like a lot of careful thought has been put into its construction. Using the diary feature changed the tone of my day for the positive and the calendar is so motivating- I really appreciate that you can delete videos you haven’t followed through with, because I’m pretty hard on myself and not being able to do that would be pretty hard on my overly perfectionistic personality. I’ve been doing yoga for more than 26 years, but having access to Kassandra’s lessons have really helped me deepen and strengthen my practice, which I’m so grateful for. With the app, all the lessons are set out to explore and the features compliment and enhance the experience. It’s awesome to have a well balanced, integrated platform to compliment the well balanced, integrated yoga routines. Love it❤️👏

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