7 Day Beginner Yoga Journey

Level 1 | 7 Classes

7 Day Beginner Yoga Journey

With Kassandra Reinhardt

Welcome to our week long beginner yoga journey!

For the next 7 days I’ll take you through some of my favorite beginner yoga classes to help you gain flexibility, improve strength and reduce stress.

Grab your mat and a water bottle and let’s get started!

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About your instructor

Kassandra is an Ottawa-based yoga instructor on a mission to help others feel great with yoga. She started practicing yoga in 2008 as a way to become more flexible and learn to manage stress and anxiety. Little did she know that in a few short years she would have the privilege of becoming a yoga teacher, passionately committed to sharing  yoga with others who are sick of feeling less than vibrant.

"I love everything Yoga with Kassandra... so much relatable content."

Cat Nieves Lopez

Morning Yoga Full Body Stretch

10 minutes

This video is a quick 10 minute morning yoga class you can do when you’re short on time but want a great full body stretch. This sequence will relieve aches, pains and stiffness that are so common in the morning. This is a beginner friendly class that I hope you will enjoy!

Beginner Flow for Strength & Flexibility

20 minutes

This is a simple but fun 20 minute beginner vinyasa flow yoga class for strength and flexibility. This is great for yogis just getting into their practice who want something slower paced that still hits all the marks. We’ll move in and out of poses slowly to build balance and foundational strength. You can expect a really good stretch in your hips and hamstrings as well. No props required!

Flexibility Yoga Flow

10 minutes

This is an all levels 10 minute flexibility yoga flow. It makes a great morning yoga practice to stretch stiff muscles as well as a great evening yoga flow to unwind from the day. If you’ve got flexibility goals, these poses will help you get there! We’ll mix static and dynamic stretches to give you the best of both worlds. Ideal for yogis who are short on time but want to stretch their entire body.

Yoga for Balance & Stability

15 minutes

This yoga class is all about helping you improve your balance through standing poses! This is a great quick flow you can do when you’re short on time but want to get a great practice in. I promise you there’s a lot we can do in just 15 minutes! We’ll play with balancing yoga poses like dancer’s pose, eagle, Warrior 3 and tree.

Bedtime Yoga for Beginners

20 minutes

A yoga class you can do in bed! This one is to help you unwind and fall asleep. These are beginner friendly yoga poses to soothe your nervous system and get rid of any aches and pains present in your body. No props needed other than the pillows you already have around you. Get in your comfiest pj’s and let’s get started 🙂

Yoga for Beginners Flexibility & Strength

20 minutes

A beginner yoga flow to build strength and flexibility.
This practice is great for those of you who are newer to yoga and want to work on the basics. We cover a lot of the foundational poses of yoga in this class such as table top, downward dog, cobra, chair, warrior 2, low lunge and more. It’s a well rounded class that will help you increase flexibility, relieve stress and develop full body strength.

Yoga for Sore Muscles - Easy Stretches for Stiffness

30 minutes

A yoga class for sore muscles to relieve stiffness and tension. This sequence will go over some of my favorite yoga poses and stretches to do when I’m feeling very sore and stiff after a workout. This is a wonderful sequence to do on your “rest” day to help your muscles recover.

"Loads of content and easy to use... brilliant. Another app I tried was sooo complicated and wanted extra payments for this and that and was so complicated it was ridiculous. I love Kassandra."

MaryAnne Evans

"I love the app! The organization helps me find classes I want much easier and I love the search feature. My favorite feature is the calendar because I plan out a week or two worth of classes at a time and it has motivated me to be more consistent, plus I can look back at my month and see the classes that I have done."

Alyssia Cinami

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