1 hour Yoga for Contentment with Purvi

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Duration: >60
Style: Hatha Yoga
Level: All Levels
Focus: Full Body Yoga, Yoga Without Props
Teacher: Purvi Patel


Join Purvi Patel in this first hour-long all-levels yoga practice in the Yoga for Contentment series which incorporates hasta mudras (hand gestures) into asana sequences and includes mudra pranayama and a short mantra meditation. This practice invites you to experience how you can adjust the flow of energy in your body and mind with the simple intentional placement of your hands and fingers in specific ways. It is a well-balanced flow that is suitable for everyone to emphasize peace, ease and contentment.


  1. Cameron Siewert

    Really, really loved this practice and looking forward to more from Purvi! Thank you!

  2. Saisha

    Beautiful class, very powerful and meditative. Thank you Purvi!

  3. Mandy Normandin

    That was absolutely WONDERFUL! Thank you so much. Im looking forward to more.

  4. Christy Williamson

    The mantra at the end was beautiful, peaceful, and grounding. Thank you!

  5. Sally

    That was amazing. Thank you <3

    • Kassandra

      Oh yay! So glad

  6. Valerie MacMillan

    This was a phenomenal practice. Would love to see more! I’ve had a taste of some of these things with Kassandra like the chin mudra and the uneven breathing technique, but really loved the expansion here.

    • Kassandra

      Oh so glad to hear you enjoyed this one!

  7. Isabel G

    What a beautiful practice! Absolutely wonderful!!! Thank uou Pruvi, t

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