10 min Gentle Morning Yoga for Beginners

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Duration: < 15
Style: Hatha Yoga
Level: Beginner
Focus: Morning Yoga, Yoga Without Props
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Welcome, let’s flow together! I’m going to take you through this simple yet effective 10 minute morning yoga stretch to ease you into your day. This is a gentle yoga practice suitable for all levels, great for beginners. Doing a little bit of yoga in the morning is a wonderful way to get some energy and to wake up slowly.

We’ll get into poses like butterfly, seated side bend, reclined pigeon and child’s pose with a side bend. No props are required and this is wonderful for all experience levels, including beginners. This is an opportunity to connect with our breath and begin the day with mindful movement and intention.

As always, thank you so much for practicing with me!


  1. Katy Bal

    “Listen”. Thank you.

  2. Annete Silveira

    I love these outdoor workouts. The birds in the background are so good. My word is curious.

  3. Jennifer Wilson

    Kindness- (for self and others).

  4. Cheer Kosak

    Today’s affirmation word…contentment

  5. Stephanie Chin

    My word for today is balanced

  6. Susan Foster

    Love this gentle wake up. Peace is my word. Thankyou ❤

  7. bestellung@rwaldecker.de

    Thank you! Today’s word is Focus.

  8. bestellung@rwaldecker.de

    Love the birds too!

  9. Nicola Busby

    I love practicing yoga with you in the mornings. My word is creativity

  10. LauradelMarA

    Clarity! Hank you!!!

  11. Noemie Adda

    Love the birds. My word is “secure”

  12. Colette Wabnitz

    Purpose ✨ I love beginning my day with you 🙏

  13. Rebecca Stricker

    Loved this pracrice! My word is pressnt.

  14. christinal359@gmail.com

    My word is focus. Loved this short little practice, will be repeating it often. 💕

  15. Kiwi_stern@gmx.at

    Love every bit of it! Great sequence for a quick daily session and so relaxing to have original nature sound in the background! Thank you for creating and sharing it!!

  16. Naomi Overton

    My word is focus. Thank you Kassandra, lovely short stretch for my morning. Really loving your outdoor practice and hearing the wildlife….the birds sound so pretty 🙏🌻

  17. Kelly

    🍁☺️Abundance.☺️🍂Awesome flow!🕉

  18. Christian Dahms

    My word is pleasant. I have two intense workouts thursday mornings. This is perfect for me today!

  19. Rebecca Bruns

    Perfect for pre-hike stretch in my tiny tent!

  20. Yuliya

    My word is patience. I eill be drive kids today to soccer games and will need oatience.

  21. Olha

    Great practice, thank you 🙏

  22. Sue Ramsay

    Nurture. Ive been working long hours for a few weeks and ended up in bed yesterday with a migraine

  23. Laura Mara

    “Productive” got a lot to get theoough today

  24. Gitte Visti

    Love ❤️ Thnx. for this morning bliss🙏

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