10 min ROOT CHAKRA Morning Yoga – LOWER BODY Yoga

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Duration: < 15
Style: Hatha Yoga
Level: All Levels
Focus: Morning Yoga, Yoga Without Props, Lower Body
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Good morning everyone, thanks for joining me! I’m starting a new series to take you through simple 10 minute morning yoga classes through the chakras. We’ll begin with this grounding 10 minute all levels root muladhara chakra yoga class. This is a hatha yoga class with no props required, suitable for beginners and all other experience levels.

The root chakra is thought to be located at the base of the spine and associated with the color red. It relates to our sense of safety, security and belonging. It deals with scarcity or abundance mindsets and relates to the first stage of infancy when we rely on our parents to care for our needs.

To have a balanced root chakra means that you feel safe and grounded in the physical world. The poses we’ll be doing are targeted for the lower body such as the feet, calves, glutes, quads and hamstrings.

I am safe.
I belong.
I am abundant.
I am connected and stable.


  1. Aylem Merino

    I Am Abundant! Thank you Kassandra, looking forward to the next practice in this Chakra Series! Namaste 💞🙏

  2. nicola@nicoladitter.com

    Looking forward to doing this one ! Also, is that a sound bowl in the back?

  3. kuestenfuchs

    I am stable and able of holding myself in the world.

  4. Baerbel

    I am safe. What a wonderful, calming practice! I look forward to the other Chakra morning classes🤗❤️

  5. Laura Mara

    I am connected and stable 🫶🏽

  6. Patty Gloekler

    I am safe. It was the perfect class for me today. Thank you!💕💕

  7. Neisha Mendiola

    I am connected and stable.

  8. Sarah

    I belong in this body. I belong in this moment.

  9. Noémie Sauvé

    Je suis dans l’abondance, merci pour cette série sur les chakras. J’étudie en soins énergétiques et ca me parle tellement ! 🙏🙏

  10. Jessilyn

    I am connected and stable. I belong.

  11. Anastasia Paveloff

    Dear Kassandra! PLEASE continue these vlogs! I love them! 😍 For a moment, I thought you were going to leave out your personal life and horsey, so THANK YOU for that! I loved the Ru Paul story—CONGRATS! And yes, I used to recommend the HECK out of that 15-min Sun Salutation flow! Thank you for the longer version and offerings for May—I’m excited for June!!! All the best! May you keep shining as you, beautiful you, and may you continue honoring your need for effortless effort and rest right now. Blessed be! 😘🥰

  12. Katrien

    I am at peace with life. I love chakra yoga, looking forward to the next 🤗

  13. Stephanie Atkins

    I am abundant. I am connected

  14. Hannah Lilly

    Beautiful. I am safe, abundant & I belong.

  15. Shirley Hoy

    Loved the new move today of lifting buttom off matt a inch or so. Could feel this one. I am safe. Thank you Kassandra.

  16. Rebecca Bruns

    I am grounded, enough, anssmooth. Nice practice!

  17. Veronica Salsberg

    This couldn’t have come at a better time, thank you 🙏🏼 I am safe

  18. Susie Peace

    I belong resonated with me. I feel isolated amd friendless sometimes, but I do know my value and my wirth, and that I belong where I am.

  19. Monique Lacombe

    I am stable and connected🙏

  20. Zuzana

    I am connected, I belong and I am abundant. Thank you sooooo much Kassandra.

  21. Teri Gray

    🙏. I needed the grounding.

  22. Ali

    I am safe and i am abundant 🙏🫶🌻

  23. Melissa Lundgren

    I am safe ❤️❤️❤️ also thought of baboon with a red bottom . ☺️

  24. Sarah Eggleston

    I am exactly where I should be.

  25. Anastasia Paveloff

    I am enough. 💫 I am complete as I am. 🌀 I am perfect in myself now and aways. 🦄

  26. Aparna Nambiar

    Loved this so much. I am rooted to the heart of the earth.

  27. Femke Peters

    Love this! I am rooted and stable

  28. Elena Hensiek

    I am connected and stable!

  29. Dawn Bradbury

    I chose “I belong” today — I am starting a new job tiday so it felt right!

  30. Rachel

    I am where i am supposed to be and doing what I am supposed to do!

  31. Loralee Pillsbury

    I am safe💙 Namaste 🙏

  32. Joanna Turton

    I connected with ‘I am safe’ – a reminder for when things are busy or don’t go quite right. A fab practce! Namaste 💜🙏🧘🏼‍♀️

  33. Sue Sanders

    I belong, I am abundant. Off to do the meditation now

  34. Ronica Sharma

    I am connected. No matter where I am (any part of worl or in any circumstance) I am always connected to the earth, my ancestors, my own awareness, this present moment.

  35. Sarah

    Great practice. I am stable.🎍

  36. Stephanie Atkins

    I am abundant. I have integrity

  37. ehmcld

    Liked the practice. Thanks Kassandra.

    • Kassandra

      Thanks for practicing with me 🙂

  38. Teryn Murray

    I am my own safe, strong foundation. Thank you.

  39. Asya Love

    I am abundant. I am connected & stable ❤️

  40. Melanie

    The visualization of the roots to the center of the earth.

  41. Tracy Cotton

    I am safe and i am connected, i am abundant

  42. Brandy

    I am centered and stable. I am safe and connected.

  43. renee stemmer

    I am connected and stable. THank you for beautiful and meaningful yoga! So grateful for your guidance and sharing your techniques and wisdom!

  44. Elke Schwalm

    I am strong and grounded! Happy new year everybody – and Kassandra 🙏💜

  45. julie marrast

    I am supported and share my authentic wisdom daily. Happy newyear💕

  46. angela

    Im connected and stable ✨️🫶🏼

  47. Jamie Smith

    Perfect practice for me today! I am connected 😌

  48. Kim Drury

    I am connected and stable.

    • Kassandra

      Yes you are

  49. Carla Herrmann

    I am stable…thank you for this 10 minute gift!!

    • Kassandra

      And thank you!

  50. Colleen Sheridan

    I take time each day to root myself

    • Kassandra


  51. Josie Farrell

    Lovely, not too strenuous.Thankyou.

  52. Lisa McMullen

    My life is abundant! Thak you Kassandra!

  53. ehmcld

    Connected and stable – connnection was my one word intention for the year. So perfect.😁

    • Kassandra


  54. christian schramm

    I am groumded and connected

  55. Tracy Cotton

    I am grounded i am abundant

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