15 min Morning Yin Yoga Stretch for Beginners – NO PROPS

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Duration: 15-30
Style: Yin Yoga
Level: Beginner
Focus: Morning Yoga, Yoga for Flexibility, Full Body Yoga, Yoga Without Props
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Good morning and welcome to my channel! This morning I wanted to try a different type of yoga stretch by doing a yin yoga class. Yin yoga is a style where poses are held for a minimum of 90 seconds in order to target the connective tissues for mobility and flexibility. This is a wonderful practice to do in the morning and no props are required. This is suitable for beginners and all levels.

Each pose will be held for about 2 minutes to open up your hips, hamstrings, back and shoulders. Cleo joins me for this morning’s class as well 🙂 Enjoy and please let me know if you would like more short morning yin yoga classes.


  1. Jay

    I loved this video — I enjoy Yin more than Vinyasa, but don’t always have time for a longer class. I would love to see more videos like this and more slow flow videos.

  2. Barbara Conwell

    Loved this practice and enjoyed a short morning yin practice mixed in amongst the other sessions. Didn’t know I needed this so badly. Also, didn’t know kneeling side stretch would be one of my favorite poses. Thank you!

  3. pillib

    I am absolutely loving the length of the shorter yin videos, and it is really helping with building the stamina to work into the longer videos. Thank you for creating these and for your consistent willingness to improve on already valuable content!

  4. Heidi Elston

    Thank you for Flexy February and this Yin Class. Even though this is a ‘morning’ yin, I think my husband will like it for our wind down evening class. YES- more 10-30 minute ‘all level’ yin classes, please (love intermediate to advance but husband likes beginner to intermediate).
    Your Vin to Yin are some are my favorites!! So appreciate you and your classes. Today’s affirmation word: JOY

  5. Elaine Hayward

    I really enjoyed this practice, would love to see more of this type as I don’t always have time in the morning for a longer practice. My intention for today is “inner peace”

  6. Patricia Suleiman

    This is perfect for me. I’m more likely to do it every day if not more than 15 minutes. “Positive” is my word. Thank you!

  7. Ruth Lively

    Thank you — this was just what I needed today in terms of length and focus. My word is restorative.

  8. Kim Sherman

    Loved this. I am really starting to enjoy Yin. My intention for today is balance.

  9. Jen

    Loved this video!!!! I have a lot of physical limitations and yin yoga is the first practice ive found that i can actually do! Your yin yoga videos have helped me so much! Its helped my pain, flexibility and worked wonders on my mental health! Please please post more morning yin yoga videos! Also, i love love love that your beautiful pets are in the videos too!!!

  10. Naomi Overton

    I love this video, i love the gentle yin and feeling connected to my breath. My word is joy for today.please more short yin yoga practice 🙏🌻

  11. Jen

    Love this video!!!! Yin yoga is the only way to start my day right! Would love to see more morning yin videos!

  12. Jen

    Please please make more yin videos! Especially morning!

  13. Colette Wabnitz

    I ❤️❤️❤️ this practice. It is my go to every saturday morning.

  14. Ashley Baker

    Great morning Yin – would love to see more. “Focus”.

  15. Elsie Reford

    I would love for you to post more morning yin classes! Thank you!

  16. Naomi Overton

    My favourite yin practice when i have limited time in the morning…..please do more shorter yin videos Kassandra 🙏🙏 my word is accomplished because thats how i will feel when i finish work today 🌻

  17. Marie-Danielle Cantin

    Yes, yes, please more videos!

  18. Linda Cavaliere

    Yes please. I enjoy the shorter morning videos as i do not have a lot of time in the morning.

  19. Melanie VATON

    Short practice it is perfect to do before work, I have enjoyed this session very much, thanks Kassandra

  20. Bridget Simmons

    Hi!! Love short yin practices as i do after a gym class and before work, thank you 🥰 today (Friday) is energy

  21. Katrien

    I would love more short morning yin practices! Allready did this one a few times, great way to start a busy day. Today my word was lucky

  22. Pacoduke06

    I woyld love more morning Yin 20-30 minutes is good for me too i love your Yin classes

  23. Yuliya

    Great class! Thank you! The word is volnurability.

  24. Colette Wabnitz

    I absolutely love these short yin yoga practices 🙏💕 This one is my favourite and go to every weekend … and would be grateful for more!

  25. cooktee79@gmail.com

    My word is “love”. Love you Kassandra have a blessed day!

  26. Heather Knickerbocker Wall

    I love morning yin practices and would love some more short 20 to 30 minute morning yin practices. My word for today is calm.

  27. Martha Page

    Winderful to have this short tim practice when the day is calling. My word was “peaceful” then i added “ peaceful joy.” Thank tou for rhos!

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