15 min Morning Yin Yoga Stretch – NO PROPS (with Luna!)

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Duration: 15-30
Style: Yin Yoga
Level: All Levels
Focus: Morning Yoga, Yoga for Flexibility, Yoga Without Props
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


By popular demand, here’s another short morning yin yoga class! This will help you stretch your entire body in just 15 minutes with simple passive poses. This is suitable for all experience levels (beginners welcome!) and no props are needed. The poses we will do are: butterfly, deer, half butterfly and melting heart with a few counterpose stretches in between.

Luna joins me in this morning’s yoga class but she pretty much just sleeps the entire time 😛

There are 3 principles of Yin Yoga.
1. Find your edge
2. Be still
3. Hold the pose

Find your edge means respecting your body’s limits and not pushing too far and risking injury. Pull back a little bit and as you hold the pose you will be able to go deeper into it without pushing too far or hurting yourself.

Being still means that once you are in the pose it is important to completely relax your muscles so the benefits can get into the connective tissues and joints. Try not to fidget or move or distract yourself, this is a meditative practice. Breathe deeply in and out through the nose.

Holding the pose means that in Yin Yoga a pose can be held for 1-10 minutes depending on the pose performed and on the comfort level of the student. I usually teach poses held for around 4-5 minutes. Learn to surrender and keep a timer close by if needed.


  1. Pamela Englett

    I love doing these short morning yin classes. Thank you so much.

  2. Wako Ando

    I love your yin yoga! Do you have any Yin yoga poses that I can work on glutes? I have tight glutes and need to work more for my lower back and sacrum.

  3. blankshe

    Love Luna being featured in this one 🙂

  4. Pamela Englett

    Love this one. Please do more of this length Yin. My mantra I have worked on for a couple months is now “Deeply rooted in all beings, I am strong and confident.”

  5. carly_buxton

    These shorter yin yoga videos are a blessing! I have been experiencing a bit of a chronic illness flare-up lately, and these videos plus the 10 minute stretch videos are something I can do to help my body and mind on low energy/higher pain days. Thank you Kassandra for these wonderful resources <3

  6. Eri Makino

    Hi Kassadra! Yes, would love more short yin practices, for the mornings I feel I wanna take it slow (when I’m on my period, for example) and feel like I want to do slow/deep stretches.

  7. Therese Nanos

    I love all your morning yin classes!

    • Amanda Martinez

      my first class after doing your 30 day channel. Do you have other 10 minute vs 15 min? as you did on your challenge? And did enjoy the yin. Is that restorative yoga? I have been told to do that for my back. Gracias and love your work


    I love short morning yin classes.

  9. Ruth Lively

    Love this short yin morning practice. Yes to more! Connected.

  10. constance de pontcharra

    Very nice short yin class, I like the long ones too!
    I like how Luna is reproducing the puppy stretch pose at the end of the class and she does it with the back legs too!!
    J’aimerais beaucoup un yin class en français, ça serait le must!!

  11. Delphine Goswami

    What a great class! I sprained my ankle yesterday and a lot of poses are off limits. This class was perfect!

  12. Neeraja Sankaran

    Quiick question. Can this yin practise be done on a bed intead of mat on floor?

  13. Jocelyne Laderoute

    Love yin, especially in the morning. Short classes would be perfect. My word: kindness

  14. jemarko

    Fantastic. Perfect way to stay my day. Thanks. Today’s word – awareness

  15. Rebecca Stricker

    Loved this! It was wonderful! My intention was to remember I am Strong.

  16. Rebecca Stricker

    I also loved thr shorter yin yoga style video. I would love for hou to share more shorter yin yoga pracrices with us! I dont usually do yin because i dont have time to do a 30 minutr video. So i loved the 15 video! ❤️😊👍

  17. Luminita Maria

    Amazing Luna <3
    Next time I will pause and enjoy the poses for a longer time. Thank You!

  18. Lisa

    Totally LOVE Luna! So sweet! :o)))

  19. Gigi

    YES YES YES on more morning Yin!!! Love them.

  20. Gail

    Yes, more morning Yin please! My word of the day is Deconstruct.

  21. Renee williams

    Patience 💜 loved this Yin morning class

  22. Noémie Sauvé

    Love is my word for today ❤

  23. Rhonda Leaverton

    I would love more like this !! Even a bit longer like 20 to 30 minutes to get a little more of my body stretched for a slow wakeup. WORD: Peaceful

  24. Carla Herrmann

    Great way to start my day with gratitude! Thank you!!

  25. Yingridheerkens

    Please more short yin morning practices!!!! Just what one neds to wake up!!

  26. Yingridheerkens

    My word is patience

  27. Linda Leahy

    Yes please! More short yin practices! ❤️

  28. Shawna Johnson

    Yes please, More 10 min morning Yin. 😁 I’m really stiff in the mornings so these are great for me to get the day started. I loved seeing lLuna in this one. Thank you Kassandra!

  29. Jane Watkins

    Yes please more short morning Yin 😀and more Luna 🐾

  30. Jacqueline Morisco

    ❤️this class and Luna

  31. Hannah Page

    I found this really helpful, I sometimes wake up feeling a migraine coming on.. yin yoga helps stave it away and this is a good length for the morning! Thank you

  32. Patricia Brune

    More short morning yin please? 🙏💚

  33. Femke Peters

    Lovely! I would love more short morning yin, but also short afternoons/allday yins. I like to practice in the afternoons, but never know which sequences to use: morning or evening. Thank you!

  34. Donna

    Love the short morning yin practices! ❤️ Th!

    • Kassandra


  35. Donna

    Wonderful! Thank you Kassandra!!!

  36. kevbre

    I love the Yin classes. I’ve been working up the length of my morning routines with you and mixing them up with other classes

    • Kassandra

      I love that

  37. Alison Beard

    Yes please to more morning yin yoga 🙏🏻❤️

    • Kassandra

      Stay tuned

    • Kassandra


  38. Lauri Jacobs

    Yes! Love the morning yin !

    • Kassandra

      So glad

  39. Rebecca Hubbard

    Expansion, mind and body

  40. Miriam Levy

    Yes love morning yin. My word was time ( weird but full of intention)

  41. Colette Wabnitz

    Please please more 20 min yin yoga classes ♥️

  42. Julie Cokeley

    Im a new fan of Yin! Inspiring…

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