45 min Full Body Yin Yoga with a Bolster

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Duration: 40-60
Style: Yin Yoga
Level: All Levels
Focus: Yoga for Flexibility
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Ready to stretch and relax with me? Let me take you through this 45 minute full body yin yoga practice. If you have a bolster please grab it but otherwise you can substitute it with two blocks or some pillows, couch cushions or folded blankets.

I’ll take you through poses like supported fish, butterfly, shoelace with side bend, straddle, reclined knee to chest and supported bridge. This is suitable for all experience levels and by the end you should feel relaxed, rejuvenated and more comfortable in your body.

What is Yin Yoga? Yin yoga is often called the Yoga of the joints because unlike other styles of yoga, the emphasis is not on the muscles but on the deep connective tissue. Connective tissue is made up of fascia, ligaments and tendons which surround and form your joints. Yin yoga improves the range of motion in your joints and also strengthens them. The results and benefits are more flexibility and greater range of motion and also more stability within your joints.

There are 3 principles of Yin Yoga.
1. Find your edge
2. Be still
3. Hold the pose

Find your edge means respecting your body’s limits and not pushing too far and risking injury. Pull back a little bit and as you hold the pose you will be able to go deeper into it without pushing too far or hurting yourself.

Being still means that once you are in the pose it is important to completely relax your muscles so the benefits can get into the connective tissues and joints. Try not to fidget or move or distract yourself, this is a meditative practice. Breathe deeply in and out through the nose.

Holding the pose means that in Yin Yoga a pose can be held for 1-10 minutes depending on the pose performed and on the comfort level of the student.


  1. gwlunn

    Excellent, I love a bolster session. There is something comforting about it Thank you

  2. Sofie Rhodiner

    Enjoyed this one very much, I love using a bolster!

  3. River

    I’ve been waiting for a bolster session, I really needed this today. 🙏🏻

  4. Teri Gray

    Nice class. Could you do a couple new 40 min yin to vin classes?🙏🏼

  5. Samanta Hartig-Keller

    I’m currently battling a cold with severe throat pain, so my energy level is pretty low. But nevertheless i made this my morning class today. Perfect decision! Mentally i feel empowered and more positive; physically i did what my body allowed me to. Great practice to take care of the body and soul – without judgement! Thank you so much for this class!

  6. saleena

    very nice. used a block instead of bolster.

  7. saleena

    very nice…used a block instead of a bolster

  8. Baerbel

    Lovely practice in the evening. I love yin. yoga with props. I used blocks.

  9. Nicola Barrett

    Perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Thank you x

  10. Patricia Brune

    Wonderful, thank you. This practice with bolster helped me get my spine back into a more natural curve and greatly decompressed my stress.

  11. Jörg Jäger

    Thread the needle! I need this pose. Internal rotation is so rare in yoga poses. And definetly one of my week points.

    Has anybody suggestions?

    Good ways to improve internal rotation of the hips?

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Deer pose in yin is great and practicing warrior 1 properly can help as well. Hero and reclined hero too

  12. Jennifer Brehmer

    Thank you so much. I love using the bolster and feel very restored after this practice.

  13. Carol Mead

    My Birthday today, what a lovely class to start my day! Thank you 😊

  14. Leda

    An absolutely awesome class, thank you!!

  15. Pacoduke06

    Kassandra I love your Yin practices! Thank you so much for providing this love and healing for my mind, body and spirit.

  16. Elvira

    Thank you so much Kassandra. I really needded this. My breathe was going trough the roof. (Hyperventilation) So I thougt this yin yoga class could help and it did! So gratefull. Namaste.

  17. Aarti Bhalla

    Thank you so much 💖

  18. Livia Scott

    The starts tomorrow and I don’t have a bolster or really know where to get one exactly any advice? I don’t have one

    • Jo

      You can use anything. I roll my yoga blanket and couple it with a firmer rectangle shape throw pillow. Or yoga blocks work too. Sometimes I lay the blocks then drape the blanket over, it depends which pose I’m doing to how I set it up. I just ordered a bolster off of amazon.com yesterday, before I even realized today was a yin practice. Kassandra has helped my fall in love with Yin, so it was time. I did wait, to be sure I enjoyed the practice before investing.

  19. Tracy Beaird

    That was fabulous, a very emotional practice for me this morning, i actually had a few tears, obviously needed releasing. Thank you.

    • Kassandra

      Thank you so much for practicing with me Tracy

  20. Jocelyne Laderoute

    Loved this! Wonderful way to start the month. Thank you

  21. bethany_stiles@yahoo.com

    I have always practiced more intensive yoga. Your yin yoga has been wonderful and entering at such a wonderful time in my life.

  22. Eszter Backhausz

    It was a great session – thank you! The perfect way to start February <3

  23. Jo

    This was absolutely beautiful, thank you Kassandra, I needed this more than I knew. ❤️

  24. cooktee79@gmail.com

    February is already starting out great. Awesome first practice of the month, thank you

  25. Sophie

    Great one to begin the month thank you 🙏🏻✨🐈

  26. Timo

    my first month-long challenge after lots of free youtube content. what an awesome start! thank you so much. looking forward to the rest of flexy february ❤️

  27. Pamela Murray

    Lovely practice. So, relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be working on a couple of courses that I’m taking with Kassandra. Again, thank you, and have a wonderful rest of your day.

  28. Rya Lauber

    Day 1 – Love the hip openers on the bolster and supported bridge.

  29. RunningGioGio

    Love this yin, and was able to do it all. It felt good to open the ribs on the supported fish. And the supported bridge was surprisingly soothing.

  30. Jamie Gregg

    My legs feel great!!! ❤

  31. Cheryl Wright

    Thank you Shaunneka! Enjoyed this session after pushing through the intial toe swiat and knee lifts. Both eete extremely intense for me so i went into Hero. Once past those, the session was delightful and i feel great now!💕

  32. Heike

    What a bliss after a working day at the desk. Love it!

  33. cassie arnold

    perfectly perfect for tonight. i loved the use of the bolster which was very relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

  34. Towana Nelson

    Thank you very relaxing..perfect to begin my day.

  35. Virginie Bellion

    Love it so much i keep coming back to it. Thank you for putting together such a nurturing course.

  36. Karen Vaurs

    An extremely pleasant class to practice Kassandra! Bolsters are so helpful in our yin yoga practice! Ferming very relaxed and stretched now. Thank you!

    • Carrie Hempel

      Love this class! One of my favorite of your yin classes. Thank you Kassandra!

  37. Heike

    Exactly what I needed today. I‘m super relaxed now.

  38. Lauren O'Leary

    Oh my goodness, thank you so so much for this class! It was wonderfully relaxing and I would LOVE to see more with bolsters. This is one of your best nighttime yin classes ever!

  39. Aylem Merino

    Super relaxing and nourishing class for the body and soul! Gratitude to you always Kassandra ❤

  40. jessica peter

    Thank you, please more classes with bolsters🙏

    • Kassandra


  41. Towana Nelson

    Thank you…balanced for the beginning of my day…😊

    • Kassandra

      A great way to start the day

  42. Towana Nelson

    I love this practice. 😀

    • Kassandra

      It’s a good one. Love a bolster

  43. Roisin O'Connell

    Loved this practise and fell asleep at the end. Really stretched me out and feel less aches and pains. Thank you Kassandra x

    • Kassandra

      Oh how beautiful to be that rested!

  44. Carrie Hempel

    This is one of my favorite classes! I would love to see another one, maybe for 75 minutes? Thank you Kassandra!!

    • Kassandra

      Have you tried the 75 min advanced yin yoga – EXTRA LONG HOLDS class?

  45. Jennifer Kearney

    Wonderful practice! Very much needed! Thank you! 💜

  46. Heike

    Perfectly relaxed now. Great class!

  47. Heike

    Just found out that I commented on this class already 3 times. I must really love it 😎

  48. Kim Drury

    This was a wonderful before bed yin.

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