75 min Advanced Yin Yoga – EXTRA LONG HOLDS

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Duration: >60
Style: Yin Yoga
Level: Advanced
Focus: Yoga for Flexibility, Yoga Without Props
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Ok guys, fair warning, this one is intense! Here’s a 75 minute yin yoga class for deep flexibility with extra long holds. Normally when I teach yin yoga I hold each pose for about 3-4 minutes. In this practice, I’m holding them for about 7-8 minutes, which makes this class best suited for intermediate to advanced students.

The poses themselves aren’t all that challenging but since we’re in them for so long it might not be suitable for everyone. Don’t underestimate the mental challenge with this one! I’m not using any props and we’re going to do poses like half butterfly, swan, sphinx, seal and cat pulling it’s tail.

There are 3 principles to yin yoga and it’s crucial to keep these in mind!
1 – Find your edge: this means, don’t push yourself! When you feel a bit of sensation, hold right here. Your body will naturally relax and open up the longer we’re in it.
2 – Resolve to be still: Relax your muscles and let gravity do most of the work for you. Try not to stiffen up and contract yourself. If your muscles are tense it might be an indication that you’ve gone too far into a stretch.
3 – Hold the pose: Once you’re fully relaxed, we’re going to stay in the pose for 7-8 minutes. Please come out of it earlier if you need to! Don’t push yourself.


  1. cooktee79@gmail.com

    Just finished. I feel great. My back feels amazing I am pumped and ready to make it a great day. You are very loved Kassandra

  2. Tara Padgett Dickey

    These are awesome! Please make more with the long long holds 😊

  3. Caroline Cruise

    Thanks Kassandra, the long holds made such s difference!

  4. Amber Berkoski

    Loved rhe long holds!

  5. Lisa

    Darkened my room, candles, your Yin Yoga Spotify playlist, absolutly wonderful! Thanks for this.

  6. Marion Hawkinson

    Did this to wake up and resettle my body after two days off … perfect reawakening 🦋. Now, we dance.

  7. PaulaJane

    Wow, it was difficult with sime holds but also amazing. Thank you

  8. Estera

    I loved it! I found this treasure right before a meditation at the Chicago Zen Buddhist Temple, my very first experience in a Buddhist environment! The yin yoga induced a deep meditative state of mind and I had a powerful and healing morning!

  9. ipohgirl

    Thank you so much for this one. Pretty challenging I must say, but looking forward to more long hold yin from you. Loving it. Hope you weren’t sun burnt making this one 😅

  10. Gurjit Atwal

    Great practise! Thanks

  11. Almah

    I did this a replay. Thankyou.

  12. Patrick Jodice

    Just what i needed to recenter after a hectic week of work

  13. Sarah Durrett

    I loved the long holds and would love to see more classes like this one!

  14. cleanblade@gmail.com

    Perfect for insomnia

    • cleanblade@gmail.com

      Perfect again after a long 8 hour shift on my feet.

  15. Angela Roggenbauer

    Loved it! It’s exactly what I needed. Thank you!

  16. Nichole Robeson

    Feel relaxed and calm. I played affirmations during the practice. Great way to recalibrate after the work week. Thank you!🙏🏽🧘🏽‍♀️

  17. Heike

    Brilliant class! More of them, please. I‘m feeling relaxed and flexible now.

  18. Nathalie Rochefort

    Challenging for my monkey brain. I guess I need to practice more

  19. Towana Nelson

    The Swan pose was challenging. I will do this again.

  20. Lisa

    My favorite for after a long, challenging hike. Wonderful to relax and keep the grounded vibes from hiking. Thank you.

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