Year End Review & Goal Setting Session – My Process for Creating Your Dream Life!

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Duration: < 15
Style: Miscellaneous
Level: All Levels
Focus: Vlogs & Motivation


Last year I wrote a blog post explaining my process for reviewing the past year and setting goals for the year ahead (…). This year I figured I should film the process and show you what I do step by step so that you can do the same thing at home! I’m a big believer in writing down your dreams and goals and every year I’m astonished when I look back and see exactly how many of my goals actually came true! No matter how “bad” you think this year has been, I guarantee that if you do this process you’ll feel a LOT better about your year. It’s easy to forget all the wonderful things we did and achieved over the past 12 months but going through it is a wonderful way to close the chapter on that year before starting a new one. I like to use Danielle Laporte’s areas of life from The Desire Map to set goals. The areas are: 1. Livelihood and Lifestyle 2. Body & Wellness 3. Creativity & Learning 4. Relationships & Society 5. Essence & Spirituality This gives me a really broad overview of how I want the year to go in those different areas of life. I’m not a fan of resolutions because I think they are depressing and negative, but I always list my goals and set an intention for the year ahead. In 2016 my intention was Collaboration and for 2017 my intention is Focus & Prioritize! I prefer to keep it to broader general terms instead of focusing on 1 specific action I absolutely need to do as a “resolution”.