Gentle yoga for beginners

Level 1 | 7 Classes

Gentle Yoga for Beginners

With Meghan Johnston

Inside this bundle you’ll find 7 full length classes, ideal for beginner yoga students who are looking for easy-to-follow, gentle classes. They are fantastic for seniors, people with limited mobility or anyone new to the practice of yoga. You can expect slow movements which help you connect to your breath and really feel into your body for a mindful practice. No previous experience needed, this is truly a yoga series for every body.

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About your instructor

I took my first yoga class in a university gym when I was 18. While the poses were unfamiliar, I felt as though I had finally come home. I felt connected in body, mind and spirit in a way that I had not before and like I had finally found whatever it was I was searching for. 

Yoga and meditation have opened my eyes to a way of being in the world that is more authentic and compassionate. These practices have enabled me to more deeply understand myself, to heal and to grow. 

I completed my 200 Hour Teacher Training in 2010 and have continued my studies through workshops, advanced trainings and my own playful explorations both on and off the mat.

"It's definitely helped me be more consistent with my practice. I can plan my week's classes and then fit them into my day as I'm more organised. I love it!!!"

Debbie Anne

Growing Roots: Establishing a Yoga Practice

55 minutes

This class will introduce you to the roots of yoga as you explore how you can incorporate
breathwork, gentle movement, and meditation into your life. We will take our time setting up
every posture and will explore lots of options to make each pose feel good in our bodies.

Staying Close to the Earth

30 minutes

For the days that standing up feels like all too much work! We’ll stay low to the ground in this practice with gentle poses on our backs and bellies.

Waking Up Joyful

20 minutes

Start your day with a quick dose of joy as you connect mind, body and breath through gentle movement that can be done anywhere!

Mid-Day Refresh

15 minutes

Try this quick blend of breathwork, gentle movement, and meditation to re-energize in the middle of your day or after work.

Finding Strength Within

30 minutes

We are often more powerful than we think! In this class we will explore simple ways to feel
more strong, stable and powerful in our gentle yoga postures. This short class will help you
connect with ways to deepen and get more out of your practice.

Open Your Heart

55 minutes

This class is all about your heart-center! We’ll explore how we can use our practice to cultivate more love towards ourselves and others. Our poses will focus on creating space in the upper back, the chest and the side body.

Nourish Your Whole Self

70 minutes

This class is a full-body exploration of nourishing gentle yoga poses designed for you to feel good! We’ll explore lots of options in each pose so that you can find the shapes and movements that feel best for you in this moment. This class concludes with a full body relaxation that will have you walking away from your mat completely renewed!

"The app is perfect for those wanting to start a home practice. It keeps me dedicated & focused. I practice with Kassandra most days & have learnt so much from her guidance. I especially enjoy the themed monthly calendars."

Caroline Cruise

"I've had the app for a few months now and I love love love it. It is easy to use and the calendar is a brilliant addition. It's easy to navigate with so much content and it has never ever crashed on me. Well worth the money. I couldn't live without it now! You are an excellent teacher Kassandra and the app is fantastic. Much appreciated."

Ashleigh Gregory

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