Meditation for Beginners

Level 1 | 6 Classes

Meditation for beginners

With Tesia Bryski

These six classes will guide you through a series of different styles of meditation. Tesia will lead you through awareness of breath, awareness of thoughts, and a body scan. The program culminates with the loving kindness meditation.

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About your instructor

Tesia is an active practitioner, student, and teacher of mindfulness and meditation. She completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2017 and has a Master’s in Counselling Psychology with a specialty in Mindfulness-based interventions in therapy.

"The APP is perfect for those wanting to start a home practice. It keeps me dedicated & focused. I practice with Kassandra most days & have learnt so much from her guidance. I especially enjoy the themed monthly calendars."

Caroline Cruise

Focused Breathing Meditation Technique

8 minutes

This first meditation can be done anywhere you can sit comfortably with minimal distractions. This is a simple introduction to focusing on the awareness of breathing.

Body Scan Meditation

20 minutes

Also known as the progressive muscle relaxation. This guided meditation will help you to notice sensations as they come and go, to develop a better understanding of what the body is telling you, and then to soften different areas of the body. 

Awareness of Thoughts Meditation

10 minutes

This is a grounding style, focused on the mind body connection. You will be guided to recognize the quality of thought, the impermanance of thoughts, and then ground yourself back in to the body. This class will give you the foundation for better concentration.

B-E-S-T Meditation

30 minutes

This meditation is intended to understand the different layers of our experience. You will be guided through your body, your emotions, your sensations, and thoughts. Creating space between each platform, to gain better understanding of what we are going through right now.

IAA Meditation

25 minutes

This is an intention setting meditation. We will work with the three core concepts of any sort of mindfulness. Once you learn this technique, you will be able to take it in to your day to day off the mat.

METTA Meditation

25 minutes

This is a traditional Buddhist meditation for love and kindness. A befriending of ourselves, and those around us.

"I absolutely love the App. I enjoy the freedom from YouTube and its adverts, but I also love how I can organize my favorite sequences, and the practices I have lined up to do in 'my list'. It is also so helpful to be able to download a stack of practices for when I am away and know I will have no internet. I plug my mobile into the tv, or cast with Chromecast, so its very easy to set up. Thank you Kassandra."

Helen Machen Pearce

"Using the diary feature changed the tone of my day for the positive and the calendar is so motivating - I really appreciate that you can delete videos that you haven't followed through with, because I'm pretty hard on myself and not being able to do that would be pretty hard on my overly perfectionist personality."

Lizzie Noble

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