Therapy Ball Mobility

Level 1 | 6 Classes

Therapy Ball Mobility

With Jenna Switzer

Inside this bundle you’ll find 6 full length classes that utilize therapy balls to get deep into your tissues to reduce pain, increase range of motion and feel GREAT in your body! This program is wonderful for everyone. Whether you’re an athlete who wants to reduce recovery time, a yogi who’s looking for more grace and ease in your practice or an older adult who wants to maintain and even improve mobility… this is for you!

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About your instructor

Jenna Switzer is a full time yogi, therapy ball junkie, and anatomy geek. Based in Ottawa, Ontario. After completing her first 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program, Jenna continued her education by assisting in four additional 200hr YTTs. Whether teaching in yoga festivals, gyms, or online classes, Jenna’s passion and light-hearted approach makes yoga accessible to everyone.

"While there are lots of benefits to going to a studio for a class, Kassandra Reinhardt makes it feel like you have a teacher right there with you, her cues are perfect and I can do classes in my pajamas! Love this app!"

Cara Hunter

Therapy Ball Mobility for Wrists & Hands

17 minutes

This class creates movement, increases blood flow and circulation to the hands and the wrist joint. These can be really problematic areas for those that practice yoga a lot, as it requires a lot of wrist strength and mobility. Get tips and tools to feel great in your wrists!

Therapy Ball Mobility for Upper Body Massage

45 minutes

The focus of this class is the upper portion of the body and the muscles there that might be storing tension and causing you some issues. Day to day we round forward a lot (at a desk, on our phones, holding our babies etc.) causing us issues in the upper body. Massage ball therapy will help us get a bit deeper in to these spots than an asana practice.

Therapy Ball Mobility for Shoulders

25 minutes

This sequence will allow you to massage out the issues in your shoulders. The tissue and muscles in this area commonly hold knots and tension from repetitive tasks we all do daily.

Therapy Ball Mobility for Lower Body

50 minutes

Focused on what’s happening in your legs, hips, and pelvic area, this class will help you to increase your range of motion here. It will also help you to rid the low body of aches and pains by releasing the tension in the tissues here. 

Therapy Ball Mobility for Glutes & Quads

30 minutes

These areas are problematic for those of us that sit for long periods of time. The glutes and quads may not be working quite the way you want them to. Not activating the way you’d like, or relaxing the way you want. Massaging these areas with the therapy ball will help bring them back online.

Therapy Ball Mobility for Feet & Ankles

25 minutes

This sequence will help you to increase mobility and stretch out the muscles of your feet, using a small massage ball.

"The app is fantastic, it's simple to navigate to all of the calendar practices, a lot less hassle than going through the old YouTube method anyway. It's right at your fingertips. But that's not it, within the app there is a whole wealth of other practices, so if you've come in from a run or worked out the day before and your body feels a little meh! or sore, there will certainly be something to give you that, "Just what the doctor ordered" feeling."

Mark Greenleaf

"I love the calendar and easy access to the monthly calendar and programs. It's nice to have everything planned out for me, since 5am is not my best and brightest decision making time!"

Patricia Reposa

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