10 min Morning Yoga Stretch for Beginners – GENTLE & SLOW

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Duration: < 15
Style: Hatha Yoga
Level: Beginner
Focus: Morning Yoga, Full Body Yoga, Yoga Without Props


Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel! This morning I’m offering you a beginner friendly 10 minute morning yoga class to stretch your body and set the tone for the day ahead.

This is a gentle yoga practice suitable for all levels, great for beginners. No props are required and we will be doing seated and reclined yoga poses. Doing a little bit of yoga in the morning is a wonderful way to get some energy and to wake up slowly. This is a well rounded and simple sequence that can be practiced every morning to promote flexibility.

As always, thank you so much for practicing with me!


  1. Angela Hayden

    So many new wonderful videos popping up on the home page! Thank you, Kassandra, for starting 2023 out with multiple yoga options for us. This practice was the perfect gentle way to start my Wednesday off right. My intention is self-confidence 🤗

    • Kassandra

      So glad you’re enjoying the extra content!

  2. Annete Silveira

    This practice was delicious. I used it to end my day. Perfect!

    • Kassandra

      Love that

  3. Baerbel

    Another great morning practice to wake up the body softly. Great to pair it with. 10 minutes morning vinyasa flow🤗

  4. Colleen Leonard

    Thabk you Kassandra! My word of the day is gentle.

  5. Louise Lockwood

    Antoerh lovely morong practise thank you

  6. Jennifer Houston

    Lovely! Thank you so much for these 10-minute practices. This is how I managed a full year of yoga, and still going!

  7. Kylie

    I loved holding onto the knee in sidebend. It felt even better than a normal sidebend 😊

    • Kassandra


  8. Susie Peace

    Loved this. It was meditative for me. Saved to a couole of different lists. Breathe.

    • Kassandra


    • Kassandra

      Love that!

  9. Christine Michaelis

    Thanks for all these 10 minutes classes – there is no excuse not to do any yoga on any given day as there is always at least this short amount of time to do some. And for me it really helps feeling more awake in the morning.

    • Kassandra

      It usually gains you back the 10 minutes in my experience!

  10. Denise Onofrey

    Love this… a nice way to end my day too ♥️

  11. Lauri Jacobs

    Love this one! Very calming.

    • Kassandra

      Happy Friday

  12. Jamie Smith

    Love this relaxing practice. My word is Nurture

    • Kassandra

      A great word

  13. ehmcld

    Nice. Just what i needed this morning. Calm is my word today.

  14. Jennifer Kearney

    I’m going through a really tough time at the moment so my words are stay strong. Wonderful practice this morning. Thank you. 💜

  15. Kim Drury

    My intention this morning is “peace”.

  16. Lisa Alea

    Thank you SO much! I did a half marathon this morning and used this class for a gentle afternoon stretch. It felt wonderful in my tired muscles.

  17. Pat Weber

    Great stretch after an intense workout at the gym. ☺️

  18. Jamie Smith

    Wonderfully relaxing stretch

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