January 2023 Vlog

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Style: Miscellaneous
Focus: Vlogs & Motivation
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


A brand new year!! Let’s go over what’s to come within the Yoga with Kassandra app in January and chat about some other fun stuff.
Join me on January 3rd for a live online intention setting workshop: https://www.yogawithkassandra.com/new-year-workshop/

To browse my affirmation card deck and guided yoga journal go here: https://www.yogawithkassandra.com/shop/

I’m so excited to start this year with you and feel really fired up for what’s to come! I stepped away a bit in 2022 but now feel ready to come back stronger than ever for 2023.


  1. Angie Fuentes

    I hope you have a wonderful New Year Kassandra! Thank you for all the time you put into your content & Im excited for the lectures & theories to come. (: Im very grateful to have this app, & to have you as a teacher well!

  2. Angie Fuentes

    and* I dont know why my phone did that lol 😂

  3. Maccie

    Thank you for all that you offer and your openings. Happy New Year!

  4. nicola@nicoladitter.com

    Happy New Year ! Very excited for 2023! 😊🎉

  5. Scarlett

    Happy new year – looking forward to joining you on the 3rd x

  6. Bhakti Gajjar

    Happy new year! Just signed up for the New Year Workshop which I can’t wait to join. Thanks for putting out so much inspiration into the world this year! Looking forward to 2023 and especially more theory based classes. 🥰

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      So glad you’ll be joining us!

    • Kassandra

      See you later today

  7. jessica peter

    Happy new year and thank you🙏❤️

  8. cathy buvé

    Happy New Year and thank you for your energy and positive vibes 🙏👍

  9. Maristella

    Thank you for sharing your vision and being an amazing teacher 💗 can’t wait for your new classes and I’d like to subscribe to your yin yoga training too, so happy and curious to learn more 🌈 happy new year Kassandra, filled with health and inspiration

  10. Kelly Moran

    You really explained how i have been feeling. I feel like ive lost so much socially and feeling depressed. Good riddance 2022. I cant wait for your 30 day challenge! Sorry to hear about your friends house burning down. Say Hi to Java! 🥰 give your kitties and pup a cuddle! Excited for my affirmations cards!

  11. Joan

    Love your 2023 enthusiasm! I am grateful for all that you offer. Especially love the 10 to 30 minute yoga classes, as this class length fits my schedule.

  12. Kelly Moran

    Can you include your new classes into the monthly calendar this year ? Like your new class on monday is part of the challenge so we dont have to double up. ? 😇

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      I will try to but often we have the calendars built before i have new classes recorded which is why i dont include them 🙈

  13. Sonia Olden

    Been following on youtube since the beginning of covid, only recently joined the app. Your classes

  14. Sonia Olden

    Think that my message posted before id finished typing lol. Anyway looking forward to 2023 and all it brings. Starting the year with plantar fasciitis so it will be seated stretches to begin with 🙂 loved the vlog,xx

  15. Sue Sanders

    This all sounds wonderful. I’m very much looking forward to 2023 with you.

  16. Laura Dela

    It made me joyful to see you excited about 2023! I’m thankful for the opportunity to practice yoga through your classes.

  17. Claudia

    Happy New Year Kassandra!! It makes me so happy to see you happy and excited! 😊 Also I am really excited for the 30 day challenge, I am curious what theme you have created this time. I loved the morning and evening yoga challenge!! 🙏💚

  18. Zia Fennell

    Kassandra, you are a true artist! Your classes are thoughtful with purpose and flow, and for me, that means I can get so much more out of them! I found you in Aug 2021 after my Grandma passed away and I was wrapping up a 24 month assignment at a hospital [during covid], and you have helped me through a very tough time, processing feelings while improving health and focusing on myself for a change. I have done yoga almost every day! I also have taken you with me on my 125 day world voyage/sabbatical that I just returned from 🙂 I am excited to see your contagious enthusiasm for 2023, and look forward to all you are offering! I am also very happy for you that you have found your way through the toughness of 2020/2021. Cheers to a fabulous year!

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Im so sorry for your loss, thank you for your kind words!

  19. Susanne O’Rourke

    Happy New Year Kassandra and fellow yogis.

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Happy new year!

  20. Bhakti Gajjar

    I’m so glad I joined the live workshop today! I have been chanting the gayatri mantra since I was taught it as a child, but the way you do it really struck an emotional chord. Would love to see more mantra work! The whole workshop was so creatively and purposefully put together. The elder self meditation was beautiful. The whole workshop was like therapy. Would love more longer workshops like this in the future. I know I’ll definitely revisit today’s one on new moons. I came to your channel looking for yoga (for my body) but have gained so much more spiritually and mentally.

  21. Lisa Uotinen

    Thank you for all your work.. You have helped me so much.

  22. Ellie

    I’m so happy and excited that I found your an app and channel! I’m really loving all of the classes I’ve tried so far, you are a wonderful human and teacher!! They’re creative, challenging, interesting, and I’m excited each day to practice! I really appreciate more than anything however, that you can really be human and all of your classes. It makes it easier to show up to them myself! I appreciate you sharing your own struggles and both physically and mentally, because I think we all have myself included! I think this is a much different model of you know “perfect yoga“ and I’m loving the imperfect and beautiful people and the lovely classes that you offer!

    • Kassandra

      Thank you so much for saying so. Very kind of you. And am so glad you love the authentic moments.

  23. Melania Romanelli

    You are the best! Your 2023 energy is glowing!

    • Kassandra

      Not specifically labelled but there definitely is. You’ll really want a full body class to prep the legs, as well as the shoulders and upper back for carrying the backpack. Using the filters to type in keywords of what you find you need the most help with should point you in the right direction. One I would suggest for being in the hiking boots is 20 min Yoga for Tight Calves & Ankles

  24. Susan Hamill

    Happy new year Kassandra and fellow yogis. I feel your authenticity coming throigh from your words and your practise. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and creative talent with is. Wishing you all a peaceful and happy 2023 ❤️

    • Kassandra

      Thank you belatedly for saying so. All the best this year and always

  25. Valeria

    Happy New Year! 🎊🥂 Thanks for your wonderful content Kassandra! I am practicing yoga with you(r App) 😉 on a daily basis since the pandemic beginning. It has become a vital part of my morning routine. Very excited about the Ayurveda Content and can’t wait to find out more about the new 30 day challenge!! (I hope it is with some meditation maybe… 🤞😀) Thanks for being this honest, energetic and very inspiring Yoga Teacher! 🙏🏻❤️

    • Kassandra

      Oh so glad to have you here!! Can’t wait to share

  26. Victoria Hughes

    I discovered your YouTube channel this past year. It was something that I’ve been curious about but never tried. I’ve been an avid fan of crazy cardio and strength workouts. Never really thought of trying yoga. But when i started looking for something different and talking to someone i know who uses your YouTube channel and suggested I try it, it took a while to, nervous that I wouldn’t be able to. But i proved myself wrong and started beginner yoga and now I’m doing more intermediate classes. So I am so proud of myself and happy that I gave it a try and

  27. Victoria Hughes

    (Wasn’t done and didnt mean to post lol) and found myself loving it. I needed something to help me through 2022 and it helped me to relax and look inward. So thank you Kassandra, I love your classes and look forward to whats to come!

    • Kassandra

      Aww! I love this. So glad you persevered and tried yoga. Even happier to hear you’ve kept at it.

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