Water Element Vin to Yin – Hip Opening Emotions Yoga

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Duration: 40-60
Style: Yin Yoga
Style: Vin to Yin
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Level: Intermediate
Focus: Yoga for Flexibility, Yoga for Tight Hips, Elemental Yoga Series
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Hey yogis, welcome back to my channel! I’m so excited to bring you another elemental yoga class. This one is all about the element of water. Through this water yoga class, we’ll be focusing a lot on our hips through circular movements and deep hip openers. This is a vin to yin yoga class so we will begin with vinyasa and end with yin yoga. The element of water is associated with the 2nd, sacral chakra. This is all about heightening your sensitivity and feeling and tapping into your creativity and sensuality. This is a great practice to do to release stagnant emotions. Have some blocks close by!


  1. Natalie Mossman

    As a Pisces, I relate greatly with the water element – I enjoyed this class even though the yin poses are super challenging for me! Still trying to find a “relaxing” way to get in to pigeon pose 🙂

    • Jamie

      I’ve been practicing over a year and pigeon pose is still one that doesn’t come easy. I like to put a lock under the hip of the folded leg. It helps me keep the balance even in my hips and I’m able to hold for longer 🙂

  2. MARA

    Fabulous class! Perfectly balanced for sacral chakra work.

  3. Mandy Normandin

    Beautiful…..Ahhhhhhh….what a great way to start my day. Thank You!

  4. Hanneke Kroes

    Completed and favourited! Really enjoyed the ‘wave’ motions with my back after a day of slouching at my computer! Thanks!

  5. Marion Upshall

    Wonderful, wonderful class. Perfect water element session in preparing for Samhain 🙏🏼

  6. Honey

    Great class. More like this please

  7. Emily J Mahoney

    I haven’t done a vin to yin for a while. Loved it! Kassandra, you offer us such a variety of wonderful classes! Thank you so much!

  8. Hanneke Kroes

    Such a great class! Really love the vin to yin style classes!!

  9. Angela Fawver

    Great class! I definitely appreciat the Vin to Yin classes and would love to do more!

  10. Anastasia Paveloff

    I’ve probably done no class more than this one. I love it so much. I’m also a 7x water sign and navigate stagnant or overflowimg emotions daily. Thank you for these Elements Classes—they are among my favorite flows that I return to the most. I have so much love and gratitude for you, Kassandra. Thank you. 🙏

  11. Hasmig Adjeleian

    I know that I am stuck in this chakra. Having had a hysterectomy++ due to cancer i have yet to grieve. I am usually a creative proactive person but seem stuck. Unable to initiate what will be so meaningful to me. This yoga session made me think. A lot. Thank you. My only comment is that i found the music somewhat ominous.

  12. Sharon Lopez

    Hi Cassandra, I really enjoyed the class. I enjoyed the idea of water flowing and being in touch with inner flows and I spent a lot of time imagining water flowing around and massaging my right hip which was injured years ago and. From time to time that was just a great healing to feel the water flowing throughout my body thank you so much

  13. Mary Satelli

    Love live love this flow to my core💝💝💝

  14. Moon Light Amethyst

    This was fun❤️

    • Kassandra

      Ahh I love that

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