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Duration: 15-30
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Level: All Levels
Focus: Full Body Yoga, Yoga Without Props, Stress Relief
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Hi everyone, welcome to my channel. Thank you for joining me in today’s 25 minute yoga class for stress reduction. If you’ve clicked on this video, odds are you’re going through a period of stress and overwhelm. If your mental health is suffering, I would encourage you to take some time to do this practice and hopefully it will help you move through those emotions and come back to a state of equilibrium in your nervous system.

I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life and I find that the most beneficial way to use yoga during stressful episodes or panic attacks is by both activating and relaxing. We will do some dynamic breathing exercises to clear our minds and move our bodies to get the energy flowing before settling into some relaxation poses and slowing down.

This is a suitable class for all experience levels and no props are required.


  1. Angie Fuentes

    Rhis was such a great practice! I feel so relived from my week and it was nice to take a moment to pause and really destress from everything! Thank you!

  2. Michelle Koury

    Thank you. Just what I needed.🙏🏻

  3. Fortune.Magsadia

    Perfect timing 🩷🙏 thank youuuuuu!

  4. Deborah O’Flanagan

    What timing … my dog was accosted by another dog while out for a walk this morning, after an emergency visit to the vet, she is thankfully largely unhurt. On the other hand, I was so rattled, unable to get the image out of my head all day and so on edge … but I had seen the email from you this morning with this practice and so decided this afternoon to do it. The first 15 minutes I kept saying, ‘I don’t feel up to this’, ‘I can’t concentrate on this right now’, and then? the magic happened 15 minutes in. I started to relax and feel real relief and focus. The calm I felt was priceless after the morning I had. Thank you Kassandra!

    • Betty DiBrango

      How scary! Glad you stuck with the practice. I will try it tonight.

    • Kassandra

      I’m so sorry to hear that. Glad it was able to take your mind off it for a little and give you some relief

  5. Jennifer Riley

    This was just what I needed. I discovered “breath of joy” in one ofbyour other videos over the weekend and have been adding 5-10 to each of my sessions. Thank you.

  6. Diane Wetzel

    Very calming. Indefinitely feel more relaxed after doing this practice. Loved the breath work especially!

  7. Kayla Lewis

    This was deifnitely needed for me today. I was having panic attacks a lot and this helped calm me

    • Kassandra

      Glad it’s helped a bit

    • Kassandra

      I’m glad it has helped you a bit!

  8. Nadia Jane Larsen

    #goodmorning and a big thank you😌💚💛🧡

    • Kassandra

      Thank you

  9. Noémie Sauvé

    I feel verry calm after this practice. Thank you so much for this grounding moment 🙏😊

    • Kassandra


  10. Elke Schwalm

    This is a really soothing practise that I just tried out today. I am sure I will come back when I am anxious or stressed. Thank you so much for sharing, Kassandra 🙂

    • Kassandra

      Glad you enjoyed it

  11. Erika Shilling

    I loove this practice! I struggle to slow down and often overlook these tyoes of pracrices. Glad i tuned im today.

    • Kassandra

      Glad you gave it a try

  12. Koleva

    Just perfect for my anxiety! Thank you so much! Cheers from south of France! 🙏🧘‍♀️

    • Kassandra


  13. Patty Gloekler

    Thank you so much. I feel so much better and ready to handle my day 💗

    • Kassandra

      Perfect! Have a great weekend

  14. MARA

    Thank you for this practice. The breath work was fantastic.

  15. Ali

    Hectic week at work, Saturday morning with Kassandra 🧘🏻‍♀️😌 Many thanks 🙏

    • Kassandra


  16. Loralee Pillsbury

    I love these vin to yin types of practices, especially at 30 mins long. I also did this outside and it was just what i needed to get back into the flow of yoga. Namaste 💙

    • Kassandra

      So glad you enjoyed it

  17. Judith Bellamy

    Not actually feeling anxious today! Awesome practice loads of fun. Thank you namaste.

    • Judith Bellamy

      I meant lifts your sprirts. Also a practice I know I can trust when I am anxious. Thank you again .

    • Kassandra

      Love that!

  18. Dawn Bradbury

    I just loved this amazing, peaceful, affirming practice.

    • Kassandra

      So glad

  19. Michelle

    I woke up this morning with a headache and chose this practice. The breathing emphasis was incredibly helpful in minimizing the discomfort. I will most definitely refer to this again. Thank you!

  20. eugenia collazo

    Thank you for the yoga and your beautiful words during the practice ❤️

    • Kassandra

      Thank you!

  21. YogiJo

    I feel at peace and grateful ♥️

    • Kassandra


  22. Isabelle

    Beautifully soothing, feeling so much calmer after this. Loving all stress relief videos – thank you!

    • Kassandra

      Amazing! We actually just made this in to a focus category so you can find them all together. Did you notice?

  23. Jessilyn

    Love the flow. Feeling much more calm, love and safety. Thank you ❤️

    • Kassandra


  24. Sharen Small

    I so needed this, thanks Kassandra.

    • Kassandra

      Thank you

  25. Maria F

    Thank you so much Kassandra. Felt like a short journey. I’m so much better and calmer.

    • Kassandra


  26. Bashayer Albeeshi

    Thank you so much for this session it was really helpful ❤️

    • Kassandra

      So glad it helped

  27. Kim Drury

    Stressed today and this helped. Thank you!

    • Kassandra

      So glad

  28. Shirley Hoy

    Very much needed today 😁

    • Kassandra

      Glad it was there for you

  29. Rebecca

    I keep coming back to this practice. I guess I really need it right now in my life! Truely helpful takes the edge of my stress and brings me back to center

    • Kassandra

      Glad it’s supporting you in some way

  30. Shirley Hoy

    My new go to for when im feeling emotionally distressed and frustrated. I always leave the mat feeling refreshed and calmer. Thank you Kassandra. Always grateful for you. 💜

    • Kassandra

      Lovely! I’m grateful for you!

  31. Rachel Lee Walsh

    This video is a good example of why I only watch you for yoga and why I got a membership to your app. Your words and approach are so gentle and honest. I’ve never heard anyone talk about how meditation might not work when we are anxious or that we might need to clear the cobwebs before meditating. This practice was perfect for my anxiety this morning. Really realky helped to do this so i could get on with my morning. It’s now saved as one of my favorites.

    • Kassandra

      Thank you for those kind words

  32. KNM0rgan

    Longer one if possible please Kassandra 🙏 🙂

  33. Janene Dawson-Sheehan

    Certainly helps me with my anxiety. Thank you 🙏🙏

    • Kassandra

      I’m so glad

  34. Shelley Gripich

    Loved the breathing! Thank you😊

    • Kassandra


  35. Catie Friend

    I nearly dodnt commit to this one but I remembered how snarky ive been with my family th e last few days and got stuck in. By the time i got to pigeon my chest felt looser and my breathing was slower. Thank you.

    • Kassandra

      So happy it helped you relax

  36. Tamara

    Members of my family are going through many changes at the moment and there is a great deal of anxiety and nervousness. I did this practice to include my family. Thank you so much Kassandra for this extremely important practice.

    • Kassandra

      How great you included them

  37. Kim Drury

    Very anxious – and this practice helped to ground and somewhat alleviate.

    • Kassandra


  38. Nic

    LOVE THIS! Thank you so much 🥰🥰

    • Kassandra

      Thank you!

  39. Kimberly Pryor

    Exactly what I needed this morning. Thank you Kassandra!

    • Kassandra

      Glad these classes can be at the ready as needed

  40. Lisa McMullen

    Definitely helped me feel calmer and grounded. Breathing super helpful and so easy to do. Need to try to do those more often. Thank you.

    • Kassandra


  41. nel

    absolutely a miracle practice to start the day with. i love all your classes but this one is one of my favorites❤️🙌🏼 thank you so much Kassandra😘

    • Kassandra

      Oh wow! Thank you

  42. Philipp Grüebler

    Great, I do this class often as it’s very soothing

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