10 min Morning Power Yoga – CORE STRENGTH

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Duration: < 15
Style: Power Yoga
Level: Intermediate
Focus: Yoga for Strength, Core Strength Yoga, Yoga Without Props
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel and thanks for joining me this morning! I’m going to take you through this 12 minute yoga class designed to wake you up with some core strength and full body stretches.

This is a power yoga class which will incorporate poses like bicycle crunches, plank poses, low lunge and variations of side plank. No props needed, let’s get into it.


  1. cooktee79@gmail.com

    What! Can’t wait!

  2. Ali

    Loved this! More please 🙂 my word of the day is “centered”

  3. Olha

    Thank you! Love this shot practice 🌹

  4. Sandy Koppelman

    Got a good sweat going nice and early. Thanks for the challenge, Kassandra. 💕. Today’s word is “connected”

  5. Shantele Runge

    Love these morning classes!!

  6. Samanta Hartig-Keller

    Loved this class! I woke up feeling grumpy and down, but my mindset completely shifted during class. Thank you for making my day better 🙂

  7. Baerbel

    Perfect! Onr of my new favorites for the morning🤗

  8. Kelly

    🌻🕉Wow!🌻🕉Quick and powerful! I absolutely loved it! Keep them coming! Feeling refreshed! 🕉☺️🦋

  9. Colette Wabnitz

    I woke up feeling cold and tired. After this practice I feel warm ans ready to face the day. Thank you Kassandra. I am so incredibly grateful to you for your energy, your light and for helping me make yoga part of my day every day ✨✨

  10. Elke Schwalm

    Just powerful. Love this practise 🙂

  11. ehmcld

    Excellent! Perfect way to start my day.😁

  12. Liz Herbst

    Ahhhh. Feels good. Challenging this morning! But it helped me focus. Thank you! 🦋

  13. Kelly

    🕉☺️Peaceful. My intent is for a peaceful day.🕉🌻

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