15 min Deep Stretch for Hips – Slow Flow Yoga

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Duration: 15-30
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Level: Intermediate
Focus: Yoga for Flexibility, Yoga for Tight Hips
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Hey yogis, hope you’re ready to increase your lower body flexibility! This is a 15 minute slow flow deep stretch class that will open up your hips. This is great for the legs in general, we’ll explore poses that stretch out the glutes, thighs, quads and hamstrings. No props are required! This is suitable for all levels but some of the poses might need to be modified if you’re just starting out. The key to increasing flexibility is to be very consistent. A little bit of yoga everyday is better than a long practice every once in while!


  1. Ginny Carl

    So excited for Flexy February = great start tp the day!

  2. Heidi Elston

    My new 15 min hip stretch. Thank you.

  3. Shelley Gripich

    Really love this🥰

  4. Caroline Cruise

    The hips can make such a difference to how you feel overall. Great stretch 💚

  5. Naomi Overton

    Feel like i have so much energy and feeling very stable through my lower body. Thank you Kassandra 🙏

  6. Elke Schwalm

    Great for my tight hips, love the short flows. So energizing as well. Thank you, Kassandra!

  7. Jackie12345

    brilliant class 20 is plenty xxxxxxx

  8. Liz Herbst

    My hips thank you, deeply!! 🙏

  9. Marietta Luckman

    Love this flow, energizing for the day. Thanks so much❣️

  10. Kelly Storlazzi

    That was such a great stretch!

  11. Tamas Horvath

    I wish I could hold the poses longer.. great practice .. i may look atv30m sessions for same.

  12. Liz Herbst

    I love this app. Its wonderful to enjoy these oractuces without the distraction of all of the other youtube videos and adds.

  13. Kylie

    Love this sequence! It’s one of my favorites 😊

  14. Maria F

    Great morning stretch – namaste ❤️

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