20 min Morning Yoga Full Body Stretch – HANDS-FREE & NO PR…

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Duration: 15-30
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Level: Intermediate
Focus: Morning Yoga, Full Body Yoga, Yoga Without Props
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Rise and shine for yoga time! In this 20 minute vinyasa yoga class I’m going to take you through a full body stretch that doesn’t require you to put any weight on your hands and wrists. There are also no props needed for this class.


  1. dianezhi

    Namaste, Kassandra. Kindness is my word for today.

  2. Alexa Guzman

    Good Morning, Kassandra.
    My word is productivity.
    I just subscribed. I´m starting new this year and I´m including my 15 year old son to practice with me. We both are very happy. Namaste and Happy New Year 2021!

  3. joannamariez

    Thanks Kassandra! The 20 minute yoga class is the perfect way to start my day without feeling rushed! 😊

  4. Don Webster

    (Present) This class was good for my hip flexors!

  5. Don Webster

    Hi my invention ;(Present) This class was good for my hip flexors!

  6. Nathalie Foroosh

    Good morning Kassandra. I did the today practice after a vinyasa practice. It was good and relaxing. My word for today is “organized”.
    See you tomorrow:)

  7. Bob Vander Ploeg

    This was great. I enjoyed the break from upper body poses, but my lower body feels like it got a pretty thorough workout…

  8. connie muia

    calm and grateful are my words for today , namaste

  9. kristianachoate

    This was amazing!! In the future if you have the time I would absolutely love a neck & shoulders/upper back class 🙂 <3

  10. dianezhi

    My word Is “simple”. Namaste. More arm/hand free please – lots of tennis elbows this time of year.

  11. CBoyle

    Thanks so much for these classes Kassandra. I would love some more arms/hands free classes (shoulder injury and wrist issues).

  12. Annette De Thier

    Love the hands free challenge! Word today has to be hydrate! Need to drink more water!!!

  13. Tamara

    This is a great class for balance! Loved giving my hands and wrists a break.. Word-self-love. Thanks Kassandra;-)

  14. Roisin O'Connell

    Namaste Kassandra, loved and needed this practise this morning. Have saved it to my favourites xx

  15. Christian Dahms

    Focus, my arms we used up in my HIIT Strenght class. This was perdect and helped my back as well

    • Jane Stensson

      My word is also “focus.”

  16. Kyra A

    this is a new favourite of mine. wish i could share it! my word is execute. off to get things done! 😌

  17. Bridget Simmons

    Brilliant class, thank you 🙏 today is focused 😘

  18. Pamela

    Nice one! Also works for that time of the month 😎

  19. Jackie12345

    was actually hesitant to do a class without down ward dog etc, but so pleased i did. great class namaste

  20. Loretta Johnson

    Thank you! That was a relief for my wrists. focus word: giving

  21. bethany_stiles@yahoo.com

    Wonderful practice. Thoughtful

  22. Sarah Bellamy

    Today my work is Thankful.

  23. Lorraine Sabini

    My Word Today Is Radiance

  24. Monique Lacombe

    Plaisant est le mot du jour!

  25. rouinerk@gmail.com

    I have done this so many times, thank you. It just starts my day with positivity and gratitude.

  26. Elke Schwalm

    Wonderful practise if you have a sore shoulder! My word: Productive 🙂

  27. Christian Dahms

    Calming. Nice to leave the hands out of the practice

  28. Karen Smith

    Patience – thank you Kassandra 🙏

  29. Noémie Sauvé

    My word today was love ❤️ for me and others 🙏

    • Kassandra


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