20 min Yoga for Tight Calves & Ankles

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Duration: 15-30
Style: Hatha Yoga
Level: Beginner
Focus: Yoga for Athletes, Lower Body
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Hey yogis, this week’s class has been heavily requested and is suitable for all experience levels! If you have tightness or soreness in your lower legs, this is the sequence for you. In this 20 minute hatha yoga class I’ll guide you through my favorite stretches that target your calves and ankles. This is great for athletes, especially runners! You’ll need one block to do this practice. Hope you enjoy 🙂


  1. Neisha Mendiola

    This was great, never realized how tight my ankles are.

  2. Nadia

    I loved this class so much! I could finally reach my toes by the end of it 😍 I think I will repeat this video more often

  3. Julia Hacker

    Love this, really helps me with the yogi squat, thank you 😀

  4. Daniela

    This was a great stretch 🙏

  5. Linda Cavaliere

    Great stretch but can’t do a yogo squat. Thank you

  6. Wendy Scarpinato

    Thank you! Loved it. I’m going to do this one after a run.

  7. Jessy

    Great therapeutic class, thanks!

  8. Sarah Durrett

    I hurt my ankle yesterday at work moving heavy boxes. I had a more strenuous class planned for this morning, but I listened to my body and chose this class instead. My ankle already feels less tender. Thank you!

  9. Andrea

    My go to class for when plantar fasciatis flares up. Thank you!!

  10. Amy

    Felt really nice after getting cramps in my calves, just the stretch i needed to ease the pain

  11. Jamie Smith

    I’m Getting Better With The Toe Squats.. Lovely Arthritis In My Left Big Toe! Great Practice!

  12. Baerbel

    Perfect class today as my calves are sore from going up – and downstairs yesterday afternoon❤️🤗

    • Kassandra

      Such an overlooked area

  13. Lisa Alea

    Thank you for this class! My hips ache and it all starts with my tight calves and ankles.

    • Kassandra

      Yes exactly! It works up from our foundation

  14. jehansam@gmail.com

    I went fora run…after a long time… Needed something to sort out my legs yhe mext day. You always have something in your colletion that fits perfectly¡ Thank you¡

    • Kassandra

      Ooh ya! Good choice

  15. Elyse Drum

    This is one of my all time favorites. I would love a 30 minute calf class!

    • Kassandra

      This is a great one from the oldies

  16. Erin Greaves

    So needed! Thank you. 😊

  17. Sarah Eggleston

    Wow, I needed that! So many hills and stairs yesterday!

    • Kassandra

      Well timed

  18. Holly Kominsky

    This was great and very needed!

    • Kassandra

      I love returning to this sequence

  19. Jennifer Kearney

    Such a great class! My calves thank you! 💜

    • Kassandra

      Wonderful! 💜

  20. Laura Mara

    This was really great, perfect for my dance class day where I always get tight in my calves. Also a great on to send to my massage clients with tight lower legs!!

    • Kassandra

      Oh yes! Please do. It’s on YouTube as well

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