30 min Evening Yoga for Flexibility – STRETCH & RELAX

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Duration: 30-40
Style: Hatha Yoga
Level: All Levels
Focus: Evening Yoga, Yoga for Flexibility, Yoga for Tight Hips, Yoga Without Props
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


If you had a stressful day or just feel like your body is tight and tense, this will be the perfect class for you! Join me in this 30 minute evening hatha yoga class to stretch and relax. This is an all levels practice and no props are required. Great to do after work or before going to bed.

We’ll get into poses like low lunge, exalted warrior, pigeon and a reclining leg stretch sequence. This is a wonderful class to improve flexibility especially in your hips and hamstrings.


  1. Crozich

    lovely lovely practice! thank you!

    • Chris Reese

      Thank you, I feel very relaxed.

  2. Heidi Elston

    amaZzzzzing. New favorite night time practice. Thank you!

  3. Kita Markewitz

    so good! 30 minutes is a good time for evening. thank you

  4. LoveYinYoga61

    My Favorite yoga teacher what more can anyone ask for.

  5. Elizabeth Sniegocki

    Loved this. Peace and Bliss. xoxo

  6. Camela Sinclair

    Must really love this one – third time breathing flowing better. Namaste ty

  7. Marietta Luckman

    💕beautiful stretchs, thank you! Namaste❣️

  8. Susan Palenta

    Great! Feeling streched and relaxed to start the weekend 💕

  9. Honey

    This video is my absolute favorite

  10. cassie arnold

    this hits all the spots! it is a beautiful class ending in a lovely relaxation

  11. Nathalie Slimi

    Thank you for this stretch ☺️

  12. Sacha

    yes, so loved this practice. thank you x

  13. Monica Haaseth

    Love it, but need to start earlier so I don’t fall asleep during a pose 😴

  14. Sarah Durrett

    Kassandra, I have been having some severe back pain due to spinal stenosis and bulging discs. practicing Daily yoga with you every morning and evening has helped me continue to work and move with less pain throughout the day. Thank you for helping me heal my body.

  15. Jane Watkins

    Love it its in my favourites ❤️

  16. Cecilia McAleavey

    Lovely end to the day. Especially a Monday. Thankyou!

  17. Nikki

    Varied practice. thank you x

  18. Nina Trubert Ambrosio

    Awesoooome, i do feel stretched ans relaxed

  19. eugenia collazo

    Perfect relaxing class❤️

  20. TeAroha

    A beautiful and gentle class, perfect before bed. Thank you Kassandra.

  21. Angelica Robles

    One of my favorites! The combination of the flow of postures with the music leaes my body so relaxed.

  22. AngelaNicholas

    My absolute new favourite- just what I needed . Thank you 😊

  23. Christian Dahms

    Fav for sure. Love rhis on kassandra. Great flow,😀, wish i could reach back and grab my foot☹️

  24. Almah

    Thank you, Kassandra. This is fav for this month.

  25. Lisa McMullen

    Si nicecto do an evening practice for a change of pace. Thank you!

  26. Claudia Hernandez

    Ready to sleep, great relax and stretch

  27. cassie arnold

    recently, intuitively, i choose a class. today i chose this class which just ended. it was a great. over-all, gentle, restorative experience for me. the systematic stretch, from head to toe, really opened me up for the day. namaste. 🧘🏼‍♀️

  28. Aviva Gartenberg

    So soothing, friendly and articulate. Thank you❤️

  29. Chessye Collette

    I do feel stretched and relaxed. Thank you, Kassandra

  30. Brittany Forsman

    So soothing. I loved this one! Thank you so much

  31. MARA

    So many of my favourite poses – lovely sequence. Thank you.

  32. MARA

    Lovely evening practice – Thank you.

  33. MARA

    Very stretched and relaxed. Thank you.

  34. Cam MacMillan

    Thank you 🙏 Kassandra. After a full day of wood cutting yesterday, this gentle stretchy flow this morning has loosened my back and legs just beautifully. Namaste 🙏

    • Kassandra


  35. Christina Becker

    this was so helpful, I feel so muc

    • Christina Becker

      args… i feel so much better now!

  36. Catherine

    Very relaxing after a stressful day. Just a very gentle flow. Very soothing.

  37. Sam OConnor

    This was amazing! Thank you. My favorite so far 😊

  38. Butterfly48

    that was a dream. did it in the evening. certainly one to return to

    • Kassandra


  39. Shirley Hoy

    Been suffering really fused and swollen joint’s. Felt such a release tonight, thank you Kassandra. 💜

    • Kassandra

      Wonderful to hear you found some relief with this class

  40. CJ Whittingham

    Yoo i needed this one. So good

    • Kassandra

      Glad you enjoyed it

  41. Judith Bellamy

    Thank you, this is for when I feel stressed, and I need time out.

  42. Colleen Sheridan

    Perfect pace for what I needed after work today. 🙏🏻

    • Kassandra

      Glad it was there

  43. Craig Heilman

    Great way to end the month. 🙏

  44. Kim Drury

    I think I am goingbto have a good sleep after this.

  45. Maria Brett

    I absolutely love this video, its one of my absolute favourites to do in the evening after a bath. Ive done it 4 or 5 times now. Thank you 🙏❤️❤️

    • Kassandra

      Oh that sounds wonderful

  46. Romana

    I loved it. I’ve noticed how stiff I am in my hips. I would love more hip flexibility and opening exercises

    • Kassandra

      Almost every class has hip opening in it because I just can’t get enough

  47. Donna Fraioli

    Wonderful any time of the day!

  48. Deborah O’Flanagan

    This one did me in tonight! But in a good way, i too will sleep well tonight!

  49. Melissa

    I just came home from a long drive back from vacation, this class was everything I needed to get me feeling like myself again. Perfection for getting out all the knots and kinks. Fluid enough so I felt like I did something, gentle enough that i didn’t over do it. Great class!

    • Kassandra

      Perfect! Have a great weekend

  50. cassie arnold

    stretched and relaxed is exactly how i feel. thank you!

    • Kassandra


  51. Qurat Ahmed

    Lovely ❤️so much relaxed:)

  52. Claudia

    I’ll keep it plain and simple : this is utter perfecton. Thank you Kassandra!! 🙏💜

    • Kassandra

      Oh wow! Thanks

  53. Dave north

    great practice really enjoyed it. thanks for this session

    • Kassandra

      So glad you enjoyed it

  54. Dave north

    great time had. felt great afterwards

    • Kassandra

      Wonderful to hear

  55. Dave north

    have really enjoyed this class feel great after each lesson

    • Kassandra

      That’s wonderful!

  56. Cecilia Andersson

    Thank you so much Kassandra for your guidance and pleasant voice. This is my favorite class and always keeps me in perfect balance. Warm greetings from a yogi in Sweden❤️🙏🏻

  57. Shirley Hoy

    Lovely flow under the waxing moon tonight. Thank you Kassandra 💜

    • Kassandra


  58. Tiffanie Dlugach

    Thank you for this! 🥰

    • Kassandra

      Thank you for being here

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