30 min Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga – Full Body Toning

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Duration: 15-30
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Level: Intermediate
Focus: Yoga for Strength, Full Body Yoga
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Welcome to this week’s full body intermediate yoga class! This is an excellent yoga practice to build up strength, endurance and balance in your practice. You’ll feel this in your glutes, shoulders and abs but rest assured you’ll also get a great stretch.

This is a 30 minute vinyasa flow intermediate class that requires two blocks. We’ll go through poses like gate, laying triangle, goddess pose and reverse table top.

As much as we focus on physical strength in this class, this is just as much about mental strength! Notice your internal dialogue when things get tough. Stay with your breath and see where this practice can take you.


  1. Suzanne42

    I loved everything about this — the setting, the conditioning, the pace. I only wish it were a little longer. Put together another one for 45-50 mins? Either way, thanks for a great practice!

  2. Jeanette Andrack

    Great class. Thank you. 🙂

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Thanks for practicing with me!

  3. Lisa McMullen

    Thanks so much! Enjoyed the chalkenge!

  4. airman.pankdawg@gmail.com

    Loved this Session! Excellent Length, Awesome Flow! Adding This To My Favorites List!

  5. Alex

    Oops.. meant to write I really enjoyed this practice! Thank you!:)

  6. Elke Schwalm

    I did this this morning – so great! Loved the strength poses and the good streching afterwards. Thanks so much, Kassandra

  7. Kim Sherman

    Thank you so much for this practice. I surprised myself and was able to do it all the way through. It lets me know that I am getting stronger!

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      That’s always so satisfying!

  8. Rachael Garland

    I liked the pace and repetition of poses. I can and will definitely feel the effects. I also really enjoyed the block arm strength. Your 5 minute core strength video is one of my favorites and I was glad you incorporated some of that here 🙂

  9. Catherine Pavie

    brilliant again! thank you

  10. Patricia Bertke

    This was AWESOME!!!! What a great workout. Had to keep focus, and i loved it!

  11. Baerbel

    Great practice but I had the impression that I did this one aleady some weeks ago. Is it possible? ?

    • Meghan Gall

      She did s 10 min energy morning yoga in the same outfit, maybe you are thinking of that? It was a few weeks ago

  12. pascale grignon

    J’ai adoré ce vidéo. Je vais le refaire sans faute. J ai bien lorsqu il y a un mélange de yoga et entraînement. J ai eu quelques courbatures. Merci

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Merci beaucoup!!

  13. szekelyzsuzsa81

    Really good practice… I only wish it would be longer 🙂 The most positive for me is the great sound of nature and birds around. Thanx.

  14. Annete Silveira

    Tough but good. A definite favorite.

  15. Vanessa Boulton

    Great practice, definitely one to help build up strength in certain areas of my body. Loved it, thank you. 🙏🏻

  16. connie muia

    Great focus and flow – reminder of being patient with ourselves and present .

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      So glad you enjoyed it 🥰

  17. LauradelMarA

    I mainly do my yoga to strecth after my power walks. I am starting to feel the desire to move from my 10 minute yoga to fuller classes! It will require a full readjustment to my schedule but i am intrigued about the bnfits of such an experience. This was the first step towards that. Thank you Dear Kassandra fom Colombia! 😍

  18. Lina

    Great class! Its in my favourites to repeat. Love the nature sounds in the background. So peaceful and beautiful.

  19. Deborah Bingell

    Love this strength and toning practice. Still trying to get my feet to flow from warrior two feet to goddess feet.

  20. Ashley White

    I loved this sequence. It felt perfect like the perfect combination. The sounds of natire on the background was an added bonus.

  21. Jon Palmer

    Great class! Challenging even though i have experience

  22. Lynn Freeman

    Excellent, was able to do majority!

  23. Heather

    Great class. Love the nature sounds, its very centering. I always appreciate a supported fish pose!.

  24. kuestenfuchs

    I absolutely loved this flow! It showed me that I’m stronger and more enduring than I thought I was. My lesson today is to trust myself more.

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