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  1. gwlunn

    Excellent, as always, love the hip routines as mine are so tight. Thank you

  2. Helena Evy Anggriani

    ease up my back pain with this practice, thank you ~~<3

  3. Nicola Barrett

    Loved this practice today. My hips feel so open right now. Thank you

  4. dianezhi

    very challenging, namaste 🙂

  5. Kindred DiPalma

    Loved this flow! Thank you!

  6. Irene sen

    Great class Kassandra we love your work !! thanks

  7. Natalie Mossman

    great practice! My hips and low back are so tight, I love the hip openers! Thank you

  8. Phair

    Thank you! I feel energised and positive. I practice everyday with your app and it makes my day 😉 Thanks Kassandra.

  9. dillyannbo

    hi Kassandra, I enjoyed this class, but as with many of your classes I struggle with some of the poses not because of tight hips, but knees that will not bend enough due to arthritis. I am unable to sit back on my heels for example. Any chance of a class or two that are adapted for those with knee problems? thanks

  10. Nathalie Foroosh

    Thank you Kassandra for this wonderful practice. When the hips are opened, it also lifts your mood. We carry a lot in our hips, especially as women…
    Merci aussi pour la petite seance de yoga en francais. C’etait une premiere pour moi et j’ai bien aime:) .Surtout avec l’accent quebecois qui a ajoute un certain charme pour moi la nicoise americaine😀
    Have a nice day and see you tomorrow:)

  11. Jacqueline Cooper

    This was a lovely stretching practise. My hips and hamstrings feel sooo much looser and more comfortable. Thank you.

  12. NancyMW

    great practice .. fairly intense but i loved it!! Tx

  13. Sacha

    me too. hips my really tight area and this practice so good. thank you x

  14. Anna-Maria Stromberg

    Thank you so much I love this one challenging but felt really good! I love your sessions and look forward to it every morning❤️

  15. nadmal53

    hi Im Nadine I have very tight hips and this is a miracle worker for me, would love to have more 30 minute sessions for each part of the body, rather than the 10 mins,,thanks… ps love the Quebecoise class

  16. Elke Schwalm

    The video suddenly stopped and there was an error code: 23001. Just to let you know. I quickly switched over to the youtube channel and was able to finish this awesome hip opener practice. Thank you so much!

  17. Andrea Puetz

    This is absolutely one of my favorites!

  18. Sara Wouters

    Love it, happy hips for the rest of the day! Thank you, Namaste

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Duration: 15-30
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Level: Intermediate
Focus: Morning Yoga, Yoga for Flexibility, Yoga for Tight Hips, Yoga Without Props


Welcome everyone, I’ve got a juicy hip opening yoga class for you today! This is a 30 minute yoga flow meant to stretch out your inner and outer thighs, glutes, psoas, quads and hamstrings. We will seriously target all areas of the hips to improve flexibility and mobility.

This is a slow flow stretch with almost no emphasis on strength. Some of the poses are quite deep stretches so this might be best for intermediate yoga students. However, if you are a beginner you can certainly give this one a try, you might just need to modify a few poses. No props are needed for this class. Enjoy the stretch!