30 min Restorative Yoga for Deep Healing & Relaxation – Legs Up The Wall

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Duration: 30-40
Style: Restorative Yoga
Level: All Levels
Focus: Evening Yoga, Stress Relief
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Hi everyone, today’s practice is a restorative yoga sequence where we will be doing different variations of legs up the wall for 30 minutes. This is a soothing sequence that can help you rest deeply and restore your physical, mental and emotional health. Think of this as your invitation to surrender and allow space for healing.

I like to do legs up the wall with a bolster under my hips, but this is optional. You can always use some couch cushions, pillows or thick blankets as a substitute. Set the mood for yourself and make sure you’ll have the next half hour free of distractions so that you can really melt into this sequence.

Please let me know how this class went for you and if you’d like to see more of this type of content on my channel and inside my mobile app. Thank you for practicing with me!