30 min Vinyasa Yoga – A Little Bit of Everything!

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Duration: 30-40
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Level: Intermediate Advanced
Focus: Yoga for Strength, Full Body Yoga, Yoga Without Props, Arm Balances & Inversions
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Hey everyone, this week’s class is a 30 minute intermediate to advanced vinyasa flow yoga class. This practice has a little bit of everything, I tried to fit as much as I could into this sequence. We’ll do some twists, inversions, hip openers, balancing poses, backbends, reclined poses, arm balances and more.

This is a well-rounded class that will challenge you and hopefully make you feel really good by the end of it. No props are needed, let me know how it goes! You can practice this at any time of the day.


  1. Kassandra Reinhardt

    I re-uploaded this class! Apologies for the previous version missing the last few minutes, im not sure why that happened. Enjoy this full one πŸ™‚

  2. Claire Hall

    Great challenge, amazing scenery, loves the birds!

  3. Deborah Bingell

    Great dynamic practice! I wasnt abke to do the arm balances. Strength not there but I substituted other poses.perhaps with some practice I can master.

  4. Christina Becker

    I really loved it. Way too challenging arm balances for me, but I had a lot of fun trying them. <3

  5. Catherine Pavie

    brilliant class! Thank you for all the effort…

  6. Yana K

    Loved this practice, thank you! The head stand and the teclined twist in the end are the poses that i always include on my own if your calss doesn’t, so not having to stop and restart the cide was a plus! The arm balances are always challenging for me, and the ones included in this practice were totally impossible – something to work on ! Thank you so much!

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Oh that’s great! In my personal practice i also always do that twist at the end, it just feels so good!

  7. Annie Burns

    πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ™Œ yes i too loved this class! Great variety – would love a little longer one too!πŸ˜‰βœ…βœ…βœ…

  8. Annie Burns

    Birdsong was SWEEEET!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  9. Hasmig Adjeleian

    loved this one and could not figure out if the bird songs were from your video or outside my open window – a bit of both I think! Arm poses too challenging for me. Although my upper back is fractured I would like to work on the last backward bend – pushing up on hands. Any suggestions to work towards this would be appreciated. Worked up a sweat today!

  10. Rosie

    I am off to have another go with some of those arm balances! Great challenging class.

  11. Alicia Heard

    Oh my gosh! This was so much fun! Loved learning some new arm balances! ❀️‍πŸ”₯

  12. Vanessa Boulton

    Great class but a little too challenging on some of the arms poses. Im only just managing to hold Crow pose. Will keep doing this class though and hope one day ill be able to do every pose with you.

  13. Caitlin Drifke

    Love this class! Perfect amount of challenge for my practice πŸ™πŸ»πŸ§˜πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  14. Samm Jackson

    Thank you! Loved this one πŸ™‚

  15. Alan Arnold

    AMAZING effect! I am in a daze because I’m still attempting to reignite my bodies potential. My wrists aren’t quite at elephant pose or my balance at headstand, but hey …I love a vigorous challenge. πŸ‘πŸŒžπŸŒ»

  16. Jacklyn Nusbaum

    Loved this!!! Thank you ❀️

  17. LauradelMarA

    I enjoyed new poses for me and loved thr lenght. Wonderful Kassandra!

  18. Anja Borer

    Very nice, thank you! Would love to see more classes to practice handstands and br

  19. Kelly

    ☺️🌻Wow! I met the bear, elephant and became a wild thing! Whew! Way to shock the body! 😁It was powerful! Love it! πŸ•‰Now let me get out of savasana! πŸ˜­πŸ•‰

  20. Jill Miles

    Very nice! I was unable to do the arm balances as l am not at that level yet, but that was a great all-around practice.

  21. Irene

    Thank you so much!! I was unable to do arm balances but I will practise these poses!!

    • Susanpascoe

      Loved this. Really enjoy the challenge. Goals to work in and its nice when I see improvement

  22. Liz Herbst

    I picked this first for October. Wonderful!! πŸ™

  23. Teri Gray

    Love this class. Thank you

  24. cooktee79@gmail.com

    Happy October everyone! I am pumped I am down 30 lbs weighing in at 190 at 41 I feel the best ever. Have a blessed month. Namaste

  25. Paula Krakowiak

    Thank you, loved this practice. A few poses were challenging for me (head stand, crow, elephant, side tree), but i was not discouraged from trying. I will keep practicing!

  26. Debbie Gorenstein

    I signed up for this challenge and appreciate all the stretching and strengthening poses offered. I like the simplicity of your clear directions, birds in the background, and gentle voice.

  27. Kristen Collier

    I loved this practice. I have finally worked up to a good headstand so I love seeing it in classes. I could not do the arm balances but I hope to get there.

  28. cooktee79@gmail.com

    I did my first head stand today!!!!!!!

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Amazing congrats!!!

  29. NancyMW

    Very challenging for me however I really enjoyed it!

  30. Linda Cavaliere

    Very challenging. Several poses i couldnt do

  31. Shelley Gripich

    The screen was black for most if the practice.

  32. Buffythevanityslayer

    Lots of new poses, for example elephant pose – very challenging, I’ll be working on that one.

  33. Megumi Prasad

    It was a string flow for me. I managed to lift myself up but can’t cross my ankles in arm balance pose.

  34. Elizabeth Shay

    Wonderful strong flow. Some of the arm balances were too advance for me but thats something to work towards!

  35. Philipp GrΓΌebler

    A bit advanced for me

  36. ritu.niinimaki@gmail.com

    Love it. Some pose is too hard, but doesnt matter. Efficient class, because my yogapractise was been a break. New start is beginning this challenge.

  37. armenian1964@gmail.com

    Well done Kassandra. All in 30.✌🏽❀

  38. garth west

    Garth west. Tough on a 77 year old, tough in a food way

  39. Britt

    I like tbis one but i wish for the headstand, elephant pose there was a variation like β€œdo this pose to help you build up strength.” Love the app and thanks for all of the videos. I am 26 with rheumatoid arthritis and yoga was suggested by my doctor to build up strength.

  40. Patricia Bertke

    This is my new fave for 30! You are so graceful in transitions, and i am proud to have followed along! ❀

  41. Ash Smith

    A favourite!!! Amazing. Thank you, Kassandra. 🌺

  42. Elke Schwalm

    Loved this class, although it is really challenging. I couldn’t do any of the arm balances properly, it feels like my legs are to short to go do elephant trunk. But I was able to do headsttand with my feet up and the wheel with the head still on the floor. I have to work on the arms big time πŸ™‚

    • Kelly Moran

      Same but my neck is stiff so wonder if that inhibited my poses. We can do this!

  43. Nicole Lasas

    Tried this class a while back and couldn’t do some of the postures, but today i could. The abs program you have in the exclusives helps so much!

    • Patty Gloekler

      Loved this class even though some of it was beyond my skill set!

  44. Penny Amann

    Great class! So much in 30 minutes! I feel stronger and calmer, thank you!

  45. armenian1964@gmail.com

    Fabuloso chica.

  46. Nicole Stevens

    Wow. Looooooove this one!! Challenging in the best way, I feel so strong! An hour long one at this pace would be a dream!

  47. Kelly Moran

    Ive never seen elephant. I couldnt lift myself up. Probably need Kassandra to show all sides on this pose next time.

  48. Dawn Bradbury

    I lived this; it was a challenge. I couldnt manage elephant trynk or wheel, althpugh i have done both in the past. So the advice to let go at the end

    • Dawn Bradbury

      Was particularly appropriate tiday.

  49. Liene

    Perfect practice after long dayπŸ˜‡

    • Kassandra

      Glad to hear it

  50. Sandta Dymond

    Great way yo start the day, challenging and strong πŸ’ͺ πŸ˜πŸ’™

    • Kassandra

      Hope you had a great rest of day

  51. Christina Barr

    I love this class! I just perfected my backbend and elephant pose!! So excited, thank you

  52. Michelle

    Love this and although I was not able to do a couple of poses I still watched and got into position.

    • Kassandra

      It is important to stay a student and always try the new and uncomfortable

  53. Dawn Bradbury

    I emjoyed this even though it was himbling: I coukdn’t dinelephant, arm pressure or wheel poses. So I let it al go in svasana!

    • Kassandra

      I love that attitude! Taking a break and skipping poses is just as much yoga as those poses

  54. Hasmig Adjeleian

    Hmmmm…can’t really do the weight bearing moves (handstand), Don’t think I’ll ever be able to do the ‘wheel’. The rest is all good and it is a workout I will return to.

  55. Anna

    I love this ❀️❀️❀️

  56. Butterfly48

    That was a little bit beyond my level (e.g. headstands and lifts), but I just did what I could. It is good to see where I have to get to. Thank you Kassandra

    • Kassandra

      It’s important to test ourselves sometimes. And also to know the poses that we need to sit out and take an alternate for

  57. katherine

    Wow this was exactly what I’ve been looking for! Definitely will be doing it again πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  58. katherine

    Thank you πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈπŸ™

  59. Jim Wakeham

    This one is AMAZING πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š And i love that i can get into Elephant now 🀣🀣 Happy Sunday πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸŒˆπŸŒˆ

    • Kassandra

      Yay! Pat yourself on the back for that one

  60. Ari Diertani

    For first time ever, I didn’t come out of wheel early! Usually I panic and get out of it immediately if I can get myself to try. This time, I did panic, but I forced myself to breathe through it and concentrate on my body, because physically my body is fine with it, it’s all psychological, and I was able to stick it out this time. I almost didn’t even try it! I can’t believe I did that.

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