30 min Yoga for Tired Legs – STRETCH & RELAX

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Duration: 15-30
Style: Hatha Yoga
Level: All Levels
Focus: Yoga for Tight Hips, Lower Body
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Are you on your feet all day? If so, this 30 minute yoga stretch will help your sore and tired legs.

Hey everyone, thanks for joining me in another backyard yoga class! A few weeks ago I released a class for people who sit all day (https://youtu.be/A0i_ywpnwYQ) so this week I’m taking you through a yoga class for people who stand on their feet all day! This is a lovely stretchy yoga practice with no standing poses. We will only be going through seated and reclined yoga stretches to give your feet and legs a break.

This is suitable for all experience levels and props are optional. You can use one block and you can also position your mat near a wall for our final pose (legs up the wall).

If you have inflammation in your legs or struggle with swollen ankles and overall soreness, I think you will love this yoga class.


  1. Christian Dahms

    Wonderful just wonderful for my legs. I did a lot of house painting and my legs were so tight from the ladder!

  2. Laura Mara

    As a massage therapist for 25 years i spend a LOT of time on my feet, so nice to have this release for the tension in the legs. One pose i love to do is leg out to the side (one leg sid split) with other leg knee in foot out and side bend twards the stretched out leg.

  3. Towana Nelson

    Beautifully done…✨️✨️

    • Kassandra

      Thank you πŸ™‚

  4. kuestenfuchs

    I substituted waterfall with supported fish because I craved a pose for my upper body, too, and this class turned out to be so incredibly grounding and relaxing. 😌

    • Kassandra

      Sounds lovely!!

  5. tanya

    I’m doing this tonight after my serving shift!! Id love a yoga for servers with shoulder and back too!

  6. Elizabeth Shay

    Exactly what I needed today. My feet and calves have been so sore from weating flipflops this summer. This helped a lot!

  7. Kiwi_stern@gmx.at

    Very nice sequence! Thank you!!

  8. Judy Ball

    Excellent for my hips and legs flexibility too! Thank you!

  9. Lisa Alea

    Our family gas been doing lo g

  10. Lisa Alea

    This workout posted after my first long hike, and it helped my legs so much! Thank you!

  11. Nicole Lasas

    Awesome practice for my back. Really helped soothe my lower back. Thank you again for another good one.

  12. LoveYinYoga61

    As a former restaurant worker and grocery I was on my feet all day and night and I will tell you it was no fun and I will tell you it felt like my knees were buzzing a lot .

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Oh i bet!!!

  13. Angie Fuentes

    Thank you so much for this video! My legs were killing me today especially at the bottom of my heels because I stand all day as a teller & this helped so much πŸ₯°

  14. Lisa McMullen

    Thank you! Even though I sit instead this was great especially for my lower back.

  15. Konstantia Tsoni

    Wonderful practice! I would like more like this one! πŸ™πŸ™

  16. Christian Dahms

    So nice. Long bike ride yesterday and now my legs feel great.

    • Kassandra

      Oh yay!!!

  17. Nicole Lasas

    This class has become a weekly go to.

  18. Majanki

    Did a quite intense cycling day before yesterday and today my legs felt quite sore. I get DOMS very easily so this was just what I needed to get a bit of a relief. Thank you.

    • Kassandra

      Perfect! Add it your library to turn back to post run

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