45 min MINIMAL CUES Full Body Yoga – Intermediate Vinyasa …

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Duration: 40-60
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Level: Intermediate Advanced
Focus: Yoga for Strength, Full Body Yoga, Minimal Cues Yoga, Arm Balances & Inversions
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


By popular request, here’s a brand new minimal cues yoga flow! This class is great for intermediate to advanced students or yoga teachers who are already familiar with proper alignemnt in poses. I won’t be talking during class other than naming the pose. We’ll be in each posture for about 3-5 breaths unless specified otherwise! This is a great 45 minute full body vinyasa flow class to stretch, strengthen and work on balance. You’ll even have the opportunity to come into forearm stand for some inversion work! No props are required. The beauty of minimal cues practices is that they allow you to really tune in to your own practice and stay in the present moment. This is a great yoga class for introspection. I hope you enjoy it!