Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Flow – Minimal Cues Yoga

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  1. Scott

    Thank you – enjoy the challenge! More please when you can fit them in!

  2. Irma

    Challenging class for me, since I’m intermediate. I love your low cues classes! Great coaching at the end. And, your yoga clothes are delightful! Can you share the company name?

  3. astrid kjolberg

    Thanks again, it’s way to complicated for my level, but it’s still interesting to try. And eventhough I settled on your channel because I like you tone and sound quality, its still nice to have a minimal cues session now and then.
    It would be really nice if you could prep us for the advanced poses doing some tutorials for them, just to show how it’s done, or maybe helping to get the grip, I still need to be able to bind my arm in the extended side angle. And compliments on the better camera solution, you stand out even better!

    Thank you for today, see you tomorrow, namaste!

  4. Erika Shilling

    I actually was surprised at how well I did. In the first two years of my practice I was so focused on doing more and being more. I’ve really allowed myself in this 3rd year to trust the practice and allow myself to just BE. No more obsessing about arm balances, etc. I was quite surprised I popped right into bakasana and tripod head stand even though its been a few weeks since I’ve done an arm balance. Still need a strap for bird of paradise, but hey… I’m here for it. Your closing statements about just enjoying the journey were soooo spot on. Thanks again for another lovely practice 😊

  5. flexifish

    This is a most wonderful class – thank you so much! I love these intermediate or advanced minimal cues classes! I have to admit that I am struggling with the transition from crow pose to tripod headstand (eeek!), but I am saying to myself that there need to be things that I may still be able learn in the future – if at all ; ).

  6. Majanki

    Liked it!! I was happy that I could do almost all poses, except headstand (which I am not even trying because of my back). Crow pose is still challenging. Bird of paradise was quite ok, could not get the leg near straight but at least I was able to stand up on both sides. Thank you for a good class.

  7. Camila

    I loved this, my body surprised me in a wonderful way. I couldn’t be more grateful for myself and for my yoga journey with you Kassandra!

    thank you very much!

  8. Jennifer Rowland

    Love the minimal cue practices!

  9. Crozich

    loved this!! your final comments ring so true and help me to persevere forward! thank you!

  10. Jasmine Wishart

    Loved it! I still haven’t mastered being able to stay in crow for much more than a second but I’m sure it will come! More advanced practices please! x

  11. Mandy Normandin

    Wow!! Thank you. I’ve actually been actively avoiding this flow due to its challenging nature…But I’m so happy I did it!!! And looking forward to practicing it and enjoying the journey.

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Duration: 30-40
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Level: Advanced
Focus: Yoga for Strength, Full Body Yoga, Minimal Cues Yoga, Yoga Without Props


Welcome to this advanced minimal cues yoga practice! This is a 30 minute flow that will challenge you with balancing poses and inversions without any extra chatter from me.

This is a full body practice which will work on peak poses such as bird of paradise, headstand and crow pose. It is best suited for intermediate to advanced students who are looking for a strong flow with some great stretches for flexibility as well.

Minimal cues means I’m only going to call out the name of the pose and tell you how many breaths to hold it for. This is why you need to have a strong enough practice to be able to understand alignment cues without having them voiced.

Try to have fun with this and don’t worry so much about the outcome! It’s a journey. Enjoy it πŸ™‚