After Work Yoga Stretch – RELIEF FROM SITTING (with kittens!)

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Duration: 30-40
Style: Hatha Yoga
Level: All Levels
Focus: Yoga for Flexibility, Full Body Yoga, Yoga Without Props
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Welcome everyone, I’m going to take you through this 40 minute full body stretch that is great to do after a long day’s work! If you’ve been sitting at a desk or standing on your feet for long periods of time, this is an excellent all levels yoga class to bring you some relief.

We will stretch deeply into your legs and back without pushing too much or needing too much strength. This is a relaxing and supportive yoga class with no props needed.

You’ll also see some cameos from my new foster cats 🙂 I currently have a mom and her 3 babies with me.


  1. Therese Nanos

    Winderful class! I love these types of classes, they are great! Thank you!

  2. EJ

    Thank you. I deparately need one of these for neck shoulders and arm relief

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Thanks for practicing with me!

    • Neisha Mendiola


  3. Jessica Fisher

    Really enjoyed this class. Thank you!

  4. flexifish

    This class was just the most perfect gift I could have wished after my working day today. So comforting and bringing everything into the right place again. Thank you so much Kassandra, for that wonderful opportunity!

  5. Kristen

    Such a nice way to come home from work! Thank you! And I love the kittens!

  6. Valerie Pérez Edmonds

    Fantastic class, Kassandra! Namaste🙏

  7. Anne

    Loved it! Did it in the morninh BEFORE going to the office because I couldn’t wait to try it out. Thxxx 🙏

  8. Carol Brazier

    Thank you Kassandra for this great class, it has been added to my favourites.

  9. Laura Mara

    Nice stretchy hip opening class! Loved it!


    I loved this! Great Saturday

  11. Jim Wakeham

    Excellent post-work stretch 💜💜 Thank you Kassandra 🤩🤩

  12. Janine Mcdowell

    Nice work out, the breathing got a bit loud though.

  13. Angie Hennessey

    This was perfect after a long day spent knitting!

  14. Shelley Gripich

    Great practice, really enjoyed this and the kittys🐱

  15. Shannon gilmore

    Really love this sequence, exactly what i need after a day at a desk ^_^

  16. Katja

    Lovely practice. Enjoyed the prrrt meow soundtrack 😻

  17. Teri Gray

    Another great one. 🙏kasandra

  18. Roan Willmore

    This was perfect for the end of the day . Thank you 👍

  19. Jillian Brown

    ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY SERENE for every sore body spot post a long day of sitting

  20. MARA

    Great class – so perfect for loosening up after sitting at a desk. Thank you!

  21. Anna Leira-Gonzalez

    Purfect After Work Stretch, Making this a regular part of my practice. Thank you ❤

  22. Konstantia Tsoni

    Already in my favorite list!🙏🙏

  23. Elke Schwalm

    Oh yes, what a wonderful practice! It feels so good to do it after hours of sitting at the desk. Thank you so much, Kassandra 🙂

  24. Sarah Durrett

    This class felt so good, I wanted to hold wach pose longer. Thank you!

  25. Rachael Bott

    I loved this and the twists got more into my stiff shoulders than other practices. Thank you.

  26. Deborah Bingell

    This practice was 37 minutes of bliss. I sit at a desk all day and my body feels 100% better from doing this practice. Thank you and 🙏

  27. Deborah Bingell

    This is truly one of my most favorite practices to do after work. Thank you. 🙏

  28. Julia Glock

    Thanks a lot for this great class. Feeling much better than before 💞

  29. Roisin O'Connell

    Loved this straight after work and the kittens were adorable 🐈‍⬛

  30. Elke Schwalm

    Always such a good relief! And super cute. Thanks, Kassandra

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