ASTEYA YOGA – Heart Opening Flow and Meditation (Yoga Philosophy)

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Duration: 40-60
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Level: Intermediate
Focus: Upper Body
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


This is a sample class from my full 🕉️YAMA & NIYAMA ONLINE PROGRAM🕉️ View the rest of the yoga classes, philosophy lectures and journaling exercises here 👉

Hey everyone, this week I’m sharing a class from my Yama & Niyama online course which I created in collaboration with Madhura Bhagwat. In this course we explore each yama and niyama through a philosophy lecture (led my Madhura), a yoga class (taught by me) and some journaling prompts. This class is all about the third yama of asteya/non-stealing. Let’s explore this concept through a meditation on the 5 senses as a way to stay anchored in the present moment. (Non-stealing from this moment) We will move into a heart opening flow with some backbends, chest openers and shoulder stretches, also using padma (lotus) mudra to connect to the heart. You’ll want to have two blocks close by. This is an intermediate level class.


  1. Suzanne42

    Thank you! I look forward to coming back to this class again.

  2. Majanki

    I did this as a single class. I liked the meditation in the beginning, it made me stay concentrated. I was very focused during the whole class and experiences, probably one of the most relaxing and deep Savasana I ever had.

  3. Sherri Sherren

    This is such a beautiful practice. I’d love more asteya yoga on your website please!

  4. Meaghan Boeing

    That was really beautiful. It popped up in the class list, and I will definitely try to find the whole series (with lectures). Quietly joyful.

  5. Mandy Normandin

    The is the second day in a row I’ve done this practice. It is really speaking to me. Thank you!!!!

  6. Michele Theberge

    Loved the focus on philosophy, the mudras, the longer savasana and the affirmations. Thank you!

  7. Shannon gilmore

    This is my favourite of all your videos

  8. Cecilia McAleavey

    What is the asteya lecture Kassandra is referring to?

  9. Beth Ann Mohr

    I would seriously love more of these. just perfect. thank you

  10. connie muia

    Just what i needed – so many wonderful reminders during this flow and really enjoyed the heart opening poses today. thank you Kassandra. Especially internalized affirmations today.

  11. Federica Dal Bono

    Possibly the best practice among all! I was able to focus on the present moment and finsihed the sessoin with a sense of lighness and contentment. Thank you

  12. Sarah Durrett

    Wow! This is one of my favorites so far. Will schedule it again for next week.

  13. Lora

    This is amazing! Love it! I like the mutras.
    I am enough.
    I have enough.
    There’s plenty for everyone, including me.
    Thank you so much, Kassandra!

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