Day 1 – Vinyasa Basics

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Duration: 15-30
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Level: Beginner
Focus: Yoga for Flexibility, Full Body Yoga
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt



  1. Natalie Mossman

    I laughed out loud when you did your ‘hop’ to the top of the mat! I am not yet even able to walk my feet all the way to my hands!! LOL I have a goal now, I suppose. Thank you Kassandra for this practice-I never really learned the fundamentals of Vinyasa and so appreciate the lesson. Thank you! Namaste

  2. Rhys Smithson

    tried to do this after a run.
    Not a chance. died half way through

  3. Monique Lacombe

    Excellente session, meilleure compréhension du “vinyasa flow”. Namaste🙏

  4. Virginie Faubert

    Great session! I’ve learned a lot as I am fairly new to yoga. Great tips and reminders as well. Merci 😊

  5. Paisley Gray

    Thank you for this explnation and demo. I have been working at doing down dog into vinyasa for a coiple of years now, and I find it no less intimidating or less painful than when i started. Would you be able willing to demonstrate a modified version of the transition from down dog into foot at the top of the mat? I cant quite xome up with something that feels like a flow and more importantly that fwels like it is movimg me toward the goal of swinging my foot up under me to the top of the mat. Down dog kills my wrists.

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