February 2023 Vlog

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Style: Miscellaneous
Focus: Vlogs & Motivation
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Hi everyone, thanks for tuning in! February is upon us so let’s go over what you can expect in the Yoga with Kassandra app this month. I’ll also let you in on a few updates on my end. It’s been a busy time about to get busier, but that’s okay!!


  1. Saisha

    Excited for the 30 day challenge, awesome!! Good luck with all the filmin and editing 🙂
    Can’t believe you have Java for a year already! How is he and how are you doing together?!
    Would love to hear more about it in the next vlog!

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Were doing really well! You can follow our instagram for daily updates it’s @javacupofjoe

  2. Ashley MacIntyre

    So very excited for what is to come!! March is my one year practicing with you and I can’t wait for this year of yoga. You have changed so many things in my life, which seems crazy for someone I’ve never personally met but I truly thank you! Excited about what’s to come!

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Wow a year!! Congratulations and thank you so much!!

  3. Catherine Osborn

    Thank you for all you do! You have made an amazing positive difference in my life and so many other’s lives…you are apprecaited! <3

  4. katie holt

    cheers to people like you who foster animals. excited to see the extra component for march, meditation maybe?? so grateful for your content, i now practice every day and love it!

  5. Pamela Murray

    I’ve learned so much from you, Kassandra.

    • Pamela Murray

      Awesome about Maggie and Lucy. As you said “you’re attached”

  6. Pamela Murray

    Even though I have my 500hr certification, I’ll always follow you. You have been my mentor for 3 years. Thanks for all that you do.

    • Kassandra

      So important to always be a student! I too take others classes

  7. Cassie O'Brien

    Thanks for the update. I love hearing about what’s going on with you personally as well so thanks for sharing. It adds to my appreciation of you. I recommend you to all of my friends of all levels. Good luck getting it all done. I know you’ll knock it out of the park!

  8. Teri Gray

    Oh… thank you! Im excited for new practices 😎

  9. Emanuela

    I am looking so much forward to the new one hour class coming out! Thank you so much Kassandra ❤️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏

  10. Michelle Kucuk

    Thanks so much for all of your amazing work! I’m so excited and can’t wait for all your new content. I look forward to my daily yoga practice.

  11. Kelsey

    Looking forward to another 30-day, your first one was my first big introduction to yoga and I’ve been practicing with you almost daily ever since! But also incredibly excited for another chakra-themed class!

    • Kassandra

      Can’t wait to share

  12. christy

    I can’t wait! For the 30 days!

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