June 2023 Vlog

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Style: Miscellaneous
Focus: Vlogs & Motivation
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Ok bare with me as I cry my way through this because I’m an emotional person lol but here’s the non profit organization I mentioned: https://www.egyptequineaid.org/

In this month’s vlog I’ll start off by sharing with you what I’ve been up to such as my horse adventures and my trip to Egypt. Then I’ll let you know what you can expect inside the app this month!


  1. Deborah O’Flanagan

    I love the shorter hairstyle on you, Kassandra! thank you for this vlog. I’ve only had the app for a couple of months but I must say your vulnerability when you relayed your experiences in Egypt was very touching and the little bit I’ve come to know you it was not at all surprising. Like you said, you’re ‘an emotional girl’, but it’s hard to see other lives and cultures that are so foreign to our own. I commend you for doing what you can. Next, I have to say I’m thrilled you’re planning on a podcast! and especially delighted to hear you’re going the audio route. I’m a fan of several podcasts and the content of the ones that are solely audio feel more genuine and enlightening. I like not being distracted by the visual imagery of the person(s) hosting. Looking forward to it!

  2. Kayla Lewis

    Im excited for all that you will release. I am relieved everything went well with yoir trip and you were safe. I would love to see the pyramids in person. That sounds amazing!

  3. Olivia Christopher

    I always enjoy watching your monthly vlogs and appreciate your openness. I think your haircut suites you, but I can understand your feelings about it; I personally prefer my hair long as well. Really excited about the upcoming yoga content as well as the podcast!

  4. Karla Skřítková

    I feel same about the animal situation (not only in Egypt). Be patient, Kassandra. 🙏 I believe one day people will treat the animals much better way.

  5. Kathy Yurchak

    I think your hair looks great! Frames your face so nicely. Glad I had the chance to listen to your vlog. Sounds like you had an incredible trip. So looking forward to this month’s yoga classes. I’ve really enjoyed everything the app has to offer. Have a great summer!

    • Kassandra

      Thank you!

  6. Betty DiBrango

    Thanks for sharing the details about your trip. It sounds like it was very spiritual for you. At least you are aware of the animal situation now and can help in some way. Looking forward to your barn vlogs!

  7. Ali

    Having had long and short hair, i understand the feeling after getting the chop 💇‍♀️😳 Bit your hair looks really good , it suits your beautiful face

  8. Caroline Cruise

    I love your hair! Sounds like your trip was amazing! I watched your vlog with legs up the wall lol

    • Kassandra

      haha, you’ll love the legs up the wall class then!

  9. Ashley MacIntyre

    Love hearing about your trip! It definitely brought me to tears, especially since I’m watching this blog while I’m at the horse farm with my kids for their riding lessons. I think you hair looks great and I know the shock can be overwhelming but

    • Ashley MacIntyre

      Hit send before i finished 😑, excited for all to come!

  10. Susanna

    My english is not good , but I want to say that you look soooo pretty with this hair 💕

  11. RunningGioGio

    Your hair looks great. I have a question that is not in the faq. Is there any reason i never get the new classes on the pp untill a few hours after it went on youtube? You mentioned that it should n

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      The videos are added to the app the night before they go on YouTube, so they go live here Sunday night and then YouTube Monday morning. We did have 2 weeks where we were running app updates so we werent able to do advance posting, but otherwise you should always have access to them here first. Try doing an app update from the app store just in case!

  12. Amy Bogatch

    Hi there. When will you offer a live class online? Thx!

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Im actually planning on doing one for the summer solstice but am still working out the details, so ill share more soon!

  13. Shelley Murphy

    Kassandra, your hair shows off your lovely features. You may end up liking it as it grows. Everyone in my hogh wchool had long hair and i decided to cut mine. It wS the most confidence boosting thing i did that year! So embrace your beautiful self. Thank you so much for the Gemini class. I will admit that it was challenging and really intense. I could not finish it. BUT, tomorrow im going to

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Thank you! I think once it’s about 3 inches longer i will love it!

  14. Shelley Murphy

    BUT, tomorrow I’m going o take it again and ill keep foing that until i have some success

    • Kassandra

      I love that attitude of pushing through! And good for you, so young, to do what everyone wasn’t and feel so good about it

  15. Shelley Murphy

    Sorry, keep hitting thr sebd button. Thank you for everything you give to all of us. You are a rare spirit and i love you for it!

  16. Shelley Murphy

    I really need spellcheck💋

  17. Maria F

    Thanks for this wonderful vlog Kassandra. Cruelty to animals is something I can never get used to. I haven’t visited Egypt yet, but I come from Greece where you can see stray dogs and cats in the streets or donkeys and horses in villages being maltreated. Family and friends often rescue little kittens, sweetest creatures, abandoned in the streets or even rubbish bins – not to speak of abuse and torture. It’s very upsetting to see it when I visit home. Slowly it’s getting better with changes in the legal framework and organisations who work hard. It’s a whole mentality – it takes time. Eastern Mediterranean packet… Your new hairstyle is lovely!

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Yes, it takes time for mindset shifts like that. Thank you!

  18. Barb Frank

    I too love the shorter hair!!!

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Thanks 🙂

  19. Linnea

    I see you. Please know that no apology is required for crying (ever!) 🩵 Personally, I so appreciate you allowing us to see your vulnerability! I admire your empathy for the animals whose experiences affected you so!

  20. Phair

    Your short hairstyle really suits you. I understand how you feel but it is the right cut for you 😉 Promised!

  21. Anita Jones

    Have a friend who takes treks and climbs in Peru and she has an animal welfare standard. I feel it’s a great thing to support these sorts of tourism companies when we travel as more conscious consumers. Love how you are using your profile to raise donations for local animal charities that focus on education as well as treating the animals. As a fellow animal lover and horse rider Im looking forward to your Java Vlog. Congratulations on your wonderful weekend! It’s winter here in New Zealand so not such great riding weather now 😿

    • Kassandra

      Happy Winter to you

  22. Birgitte

    Love your hair, your travel account, your care for animals – OMG! I went to Egypt 20 years ago and it sounds like it’s still crazy and intense but also special❤️

  23. Birgitte

    Yay – cannot wait for the podcast!!!!

  24. Zia Fennell

    I so appreciate you describing Egypt. It has also been on my bucket list. Given what you’ve described though, it will make my decision much harder because I too am a very sensitive person and an animal lover, so it would be extremely difficult for me to experience.
    I took a world voyage last Fall for 4 months – for rest, reflection, and did many yoga classes. The poverty of other countries is so very sad. Thankfully most countries we visited treated the animals as best they could (at least food, water).
    When we got home, it was also a very hard thing to try to describe to others. It is more of an internal experience.
    I got home, and decided to start a cat rescue (after thinking about it for many years). Because like you, I felt called to make a difference.
    Thank you for sharing your experience.

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