Lesson 4: I Am Guided Meditation

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Duration: < 15
Style: Meditation
Level: Beginner
Focus: Evening Yoga
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


As someone who struggled with sleep issues for most of their life, one of the best tools I have found to deal with these troubles and get to sleep (quickly even) is meditation. The guided meditation in todays practice is a very special one. I use this meditation frequently and have done so for many years. This is a meditation that can be done by everyone, even if you have never attempted meditation before. Its very simple and easy to practice on your own once youve learned the basic principles (theyre in the video). If you are doing this meditation in order to help you get to sleep, I highly suggest you get yourself ready for bed, crawl in, lay down, settle in comfortably, and then press play. Once you have learned this meditation, you can do it absolutely anywhere to relieve stress and anxiety. You need no external props, just go inwards to yourself. Focus and Benefits Make it your own in the video, we use the words calm, peaceful and at ease. But you can replace these words and fill in the blank after I am ____ however you please. Whatever it is you need to work on tonight. Whatever area of your life needs to be targeted. However you need to reassure yourself today. Do it in the morning too This meditation also works to get you going in the morning. Just choose energetic words like vibrant, energized, and awake.

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