Morning Clarity Breathwork & Meditation with Rob

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Duration: 15-30
Style: Meditation
Style: Pranayama
Level: All Levels
Focus: Morning Yoga
Teacher: Robert Aranyosi


Join Rob in this 15 minute morning breathwork and meditation class. This practice is designed to help elevate the start of your day by providing mental clarity & increasing energy in a non overstimulating way. He will guide you through an uneven breath pattern before moving onto viloma breath and box breath. Suitable for all levels.

Rob Aranyosi is a yoga, fitness & wellness teacher based in the Ottawa, Ontario area. His classes are creative, dynamic & challenging yet playful and are all curated with a specific intention behind them.


  1. Naomi Overton

    Thank you Rob 🙏 love pranayma tonstart my day and clear my head. Would love more of this type of breathwork meditation please 🌻

  2. trickola

    Thank you, beautiful practice

  3. Kristen Anderson

    This was amazing! I had never done such a long pranayama practice and it was a very unique energizing and calming experience. This video is a great way to connect to the body and start the day

  4. Patricia Brune

    Thank you, I look forward to practicing this often.

  5. TeAroha

    Thank you for this guided breathing meditation 🧘‍♀️ that starts my day before my feet hit the floor. It is energizing & mentally clarifying, I love this!

  6. Elena S.

    Tank you, great start for my day.

  7. Natalie Salawage

    This was my first time practicing pranayama, and I really enjoyed and connected with it. I’ll definitely be revisiting this video, and looking out for more opportunities to learn and practice this kind of breath work and meditation. Thank you, Rob!

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