Vinyasa Yoga + Meditation Hybrid Class – Stretch, Ground & Focus

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Duration: 40-60
Style: Meditation
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Level: Intermediate
Focus: Full Body Yoga, Yoga Without Props
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Welcome back! I’m really excited to share this hybrid class with you. This practice will start with 30 minutes of yoga followed by about 15 minutes of meditation. I don’t know about you, but I find meditation really challenging! It’s always a lot easier to do when I get some excess energy out and release tension from my body by doing some movement first.

The asana part of this class will be intermediate in level in the style of vinyasa flow. No props are required. It will be an equal focus on strength, flexibility and balance. We’ll then move into a seated meditation before ending in a nice long savasana relaxation.

I would love to know what you think of this format and if you’d like more yoga and meditation hybrid classes on my channel.

This class was filmed at Yoga Attic –


  1. Sarah Durrett

    I loved the meditation at the end! Lovely class.


    Okay here we go!


    Ya baby!! This after Cabo Kassandra is full of intentions and skill. Loved this class.

  4. Shelley Gripich

    So good! The meditation was yummy .🙏


    Milestone moments in my overall training. First time I experienced goosebumps while in practice, first time I had “joy tears” like from something happy and overwhelming. Not the first time Kassandra has made me giggle out loud☺️


      This is the first time I ever happy cried while doing yoga as well! Any time my cat would touch me (which is regularly when my yoga mat is out) I had this uncontrollable need to cry because I love her and her sisters so much! 😭


    Thoughts; the creator Spirit was with me, in this session, for this Holiday season my yogis I pray for the spirit of love and truth and peace to be with us all! Kassandra, I feel kindred spirit with her for sure. I love you all, MERRY CHRISTMAS

    • Rebecca Horwedel

      Happy Holidays to you too!

  7. RunningGioGio

    Didn’t think it would make a difference, but WOW, i was so able to keep thoughts off much more. Brilliant! Namaste


    Yes, helped so much for me. Very pleased with this practice. Namaste

  9. Cam MacMillan

    This was an amazing class. I love the idea of meditation being integrated into our yoga class. Namaste 🙏

  10. Donna

    Wow loved this practice🙏

  11. Baerbel

    Amazing practice! I love the combination of vinyasa and meditation. In my view, savasana was not necessary after the meditation. Hope there will be more classes öine this🤗

  12. Jessica Gaylord

    That was great. Easiest meditation I’ve been able to do in awhile! Look forward to more like this.

  13. Nathalie Slimi

    Love this class , merci Kassandra

  14. PaulaJane

    Thank you, I loved this. I get uncomfortable sitting so long during meditation so the savasana was very welcome at the end, full relaxation.

  15. Mary Jo Daley

    Thank you for this hybrid class. I liked the combination of vinyasa yoga with. meditation.

  16. Yana

    Great hybrid class, please more of those 🤩


    This was Great! It was in perfect timing also I’ve been needing to ground and focus

  18. Ella Bronstein

    Was hoping you’d do something like this! I’m not a big fan of yin yoga but love integrating affirmations and meditation into my practice. Thanks and hope you do more!

  19. Teri Gray

    Beutiful class! Get for the solstice. First time doing meditation with yoga,loved it🙏🏼

  20. Bridget Simmons

    What a beautful practice and love the combination definetly felt such a calmness and beautful energy around me 🙏🙏 The meditation was slightly too long for me and hesitated to see a 46 minute class but so glad i kept going 💝

  21. Margriet

    Amazing! Worked really well to first move and then find stillness

  22. Anna Leira-Gonzalez

    Fantastic Class, Thanks Kassandra. I’ve been looking for some different ways to incorporate meditation into other practices rsther than just by itself and this worked perfectly. I’ve never used a mantra before either.

  23. Deborah Bingell

    Great practice. I enjoy meditation and have done many of the short ones with mantras

  24. Julie Gough

    That was amazing and so relaxing thankyou

  25. Elsie Reford

    I really enjoyed this, it was very soothing. The mantra So Hum is wonderful. Namaste.

  26. Megumi Prasad

    It was a nice relaxing flow. Thank u😊

  27. Valeria

    Really loved it! 😍💓

  28. Caroline Cruise

    Thank you! I loved cat-cow on the forearms, great all over back strt

  29. Andrea

    Thank you Kassandra for this wonderful yoga class. I did it on christmas morning:) Perhaps you can do more of those hybrid classes.

  30. Laura Mara

    The stilness is always a challenge for me so i do think the movement first was helpful. This was a really nice class to do today as i have today and the weekend off. Thank you Kassandra 🙏

  31. Suzanne42

    I loved this combination! I’ve never experienced a more peaceful shavasana before. Thank you!

  32. Marjolein

    I agree with Caroline Cruise about the cat/cow on the forearms. I also think you’re a true sequence queen Kassandra. Loved the class; perfext way to start Christmas day 🙏🏻🧑🏼‍🎄

  33. Heike

    Brilliant class to bring a bundle of nerves down to earth. More of it, please!

  34. Michelle

    LOVED this hybrid lesson; would love to do more like these! Thank you so much.

  35. Konstantia Tsoni

    I loved it! I believe many of us will agree that we want more like this one! 🙏🙏❤️


    It’s my new favorite class. More of these please! And would love to have a longer one too, it’s so incredible. Thank you Kassandra

  37. Cecilia McAleavey

    I loved this combination! More like these please 😀

  38. Lisa Uotinen

    It was a great idea to have a time of movement, then meditation. I liked the music played during meditation. I really relaxed into this, would love to see more classes like it. THanks! I

  39. Shelley Gripich

    My word for thr year is spiritual, focusing on 3 part breathe.

  40. Saisha

    Amazing class, very beautiful and sincere practice of yoga. Would love more classes that end with meditation. Thank you very much, namaskar.

  41. Inga

    Kassandra this practice is so nice👏you are healing my body and my soul😊thank you so much!

  42. Samanta Hartig-Keller

    What a great class! Absolutely loved it! I’d like to see more hybrid classes like this. Shavasana was the perfect finishing sequence

  43. Shelley Gripich

    I do this meditation 3-4 times a week!!


    I loved the meditation at the end.

  45. Clare Donohoe

    Amazing. I could meditate much easier as my energy was more balanced. Thank you Kassandra x

  46. Dawn Bradbury

    Loved this! More please. I found the practice cleared the way for a good meditation,

  47. Katie Widdowson

    Loved the combination of some challenging poses and then the meditation. I found having the grounding tips useful for the meditation helpful as my mind did keep wondering a bit! Namaste 🙏

  48. Frederique Carminati

    Loved this class. It is easier to meditate after all the challenging pauses. Thank you so much. Namaste

  49. kuestenfuchs

    That was absolutely beautiful. Maybe you can do another class like this but with less talking during the meditation part. Just explaining a technique for anchoring down in the awareness and then being silent – I would really enjoy that.

  50. Inga

    Wonderful combination,first gaining heat and then meditation.Ashtanga?Pls more like this🥰

  51. Suzanne42

    I love everything about this class. Happy Canada Day, Kassandra!

  52. Tracy Beaird

    Loved this class and meditation, done on my mat in the garden.

  53. Rebecca Hubbard

    Yes, movements followed by meditation. Perfect.

  54. Julia Hacker

    So restorative, loved this so much, thank you Kassandra

  55. Dawn Bradbury

    Lived this hybrid class! Movement cleared the way for meditation

  56. Shelley Gripich

    Love love love😘😍

  57. Teri Gray

    I would love for you to do more of these.

  58. Ryan Stallard

    Nice Class! Meditation definitely is easier after the flow.

  59. Honey

    I love this class still trying to meditate ❤️📚

  60. Honey

    I love this on still can’t meditate but trying my best

  61. Sandta Dymond

    Awesome class, loved the movement before meditation, definitely made it easier to ground and focus my mind 🤩

  62. Sandra Zabala

    HI….I enjoyed the class. I very much found it easier to meditate after the exercise. Especially because I find it heard to slow down the thoughts in my head as a norm. Thank you

    • Kassandra


  63. Romana

    I enjoyed this class very much. It helped me realise how tired I am and that I need rest. I also noticed that I got irritated with meditation because my thoughts were about to do list, and what I need to accomplish today. My ego saw the meditation as a waste of time. It was very powerful to observe my inner dialogue. I found it earlier to meditate after yoga exercises. I loved the exercises for balance. Can you do more yoga for balance?

  64. Shelley Gripich

    Love the meditation🙏

  65. Robin

    I just purchased your app and this is the very first practice i have done using it. I loved it, thank you so much. And yes, i loved the meditation after doing the more energized flow, i felt like i coukd settle into it better after getting some of my energy out. Beautiful practice, thank you Kassandra!

    • Kassandra

      Thanks for joining! Glad you enjoyed your first practice

  66. Helen Tranckle

    My second practice after subscribing. Really loving the practices. And definitely made a difference to stop the monkey mind in meditation. 🙏🏻

    • Kassandra

      Wonderful! Thanks for joining

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