Yin Yoga & Affirmations for JOY & OPTIMISM – 45 min Full B…

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Duration: 40-60
Style: Yin Yoga
Level: Intermediate
Focus: Yoga for Flexibility, Full Body Yoga, Affirmations
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Hey yogis, this week I’m offering you another Yin Yoga & Affirmations class focusing on the emotions of JOY and OPTIMISM! Something I could personally use a bit more of lately.. This is a lovely full body stretch and you’ll need two blocks. If you don’t have these close by, you can use some pillows or cushions. By first opening the body and softening in this way, I find it so much easier to get in touch with the emotional body. This is a full body Yin Yoga practice to open up your chest, low back, hips and hamstrings. In each pose you’ll hear me state one affirmation which you are encouraged to internally repeat. Notice how the statement makes you feel and if it creates resistance. Keep a journal close by to make note of anything that may have come up for you. AFFIRMATIONS USED: My day begins and ends with gratitude and joy. Good things are coming my way, I’m ready. I choose to feel optimistic, confident and capable. Joy is my birthright. I trust that my life is unfolding exactly as it should. I choose to see the good in every situation. My creative potential is endless. I am unique and it is my greatest strength. Life supports me in every possible way. I have a positive mindset, good things are coming. What is Yin Yoga? Yin yoga is often called the Yoga of the joints because unlike other styles of yoga, the emphasis is not on the muscles but on the deep connective tissue. Connective tissue is made up of fascia, ligaments and tendons which surround and form your joints. Yin yoga improves the range of motion in your joints and also strengthens them. The results and benefits are more flexibility and greater range of motion and also more stability within your joints. There are 3 principles of Yin Yoga. 1. Find your edge 2. Be still 3. Hold the pose

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