Yin Yoga and Affirmations for HOPE & PEACE – Full Body Stretch NO PROPS

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Duration: 40-60
Style: Yin Yoga
Level: All Levels
Focus: Yoga for Flexibility, Full Body Yoga, Yoga Without Props, Affirmations
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Hey everyone! I don’t know about you, but I could use some grounding right about now. If you’re feeling stressed, worried or anxious, this full body yin yoga class will use affirmations to help inspire hope and peace. This is an almost hour long practice suitable for all levels and no props are needed to participate.

I choose to be gentle and kind with all beings, including myself.
In this moment, I release thoughts of worry. I am present.
I have faith in the innate goodness of people.
I calm my nervous system by taking deep breaths.
When challenges arise, I stay anchored in hope.
I have a big heart and that’s a wonderful thing.
My strength comes from my ability to dream of a better future for all.
I am never alone and I reach out for support when I need it.
My thoughts, words and actions are grounded in love.

If something comes up for you doing the practice, journaling is a great way to process your experience. Using affirmations is a great way to do shadow work. Uncovering those parts of yourself that have been cast away, rejected or suppressed. If you find yourself being triggered in affirmations, simply notice it and journal on it later to see what could be at the root of that.

What is Yin Yoga? Yin yoga is often called the Yoga of the joints because unlike other styles of yoga, the emphasis is not on the muscles but on the deep connective tissue. Connective tissue is made up of fascia, ligaments and tendons which surround and form your joints. Yin yoga improves the range of motion in your joints and also strengthens them. The results and benefits are more flexibility and greater range of motion and also more stability within your joints.

There are 3 principles of Yin Yoga.
1. Find your edge
2. Be still
3. Hold the pose

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