5 min Sunday Morning Affirmation Meditation – DAY 7

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Duration: < 15
Style: Meditation
Level: Beginner
Focus: Affirmations
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Welcome to our Sunday morning affirmation meditation! This is a simple, effective and quick 5 minute guided meditation suitable for all experience levels. This is ideal to do AFTER your Sunday morning yoga practice to set your intention for the day ahead.

Our affirmation today is: I allow myself to slow down and rest deeply.

SUNDAY MORNING YOGA: https://yogawithkassandra-members.com/classes/15-min-sunday-morning-full-body-yin-yoga-day-7/

The 7-Day Morning Yoga Challenge is 100% free and will offer you a daily 15 minute morning yoga class followed by a simple 5 minute meditation. They are suitable for all experience levels and will help you set the tone for the day ahead through mindfulness and movement. Enjoy!


  1. Anna Dinneen

    Thank you so much, Kassandra. I loved this challenge so much that I zoomed through it a day early. I absolutely loved this and would love to see more yoga/meditation combinations. I’ll definitely be coming back to this regularly to start my days positively.

  2. Lea Molinari

    This format is absolutely exquisite ! Yin yoga in the morning is my favorite 💛

  3. Laura Mara

    Fabulous challenge! 🌸

  4. Sylvia Tagle

    Loved it! Saved the week to my favorites! Namaste!

  5. Juliet Nicklin

    Loved this week and the yoga/meditation pairing. Thank you for all the time and thought you put into these 🙂

  6. Kamilah

    Thank you for this challenge. I would love to have more short yoga practices paired with meditation on the app. I was able to have my pre-teen daughter join me.

  7. Lesley Clayton

    Enjoyed this week enormously. It was blissful to have the meditation to follow the yoga. Would love to have more practices like this. I would have preferred the meditation to follow the practice rather than having to click elsewhere, found having to move to concentrate on the screen a bit distracting. Always enjoy your classes and listening to your calm voice Kasandra

    • Rob Tosatto

      Agree! Would like to move straight into the meditation. Maybe even a Vin to Yin to Meditate class

    • Lee Arruda

      In total agreement with Lesley. I would like to be able to do the yoga practice and flow right into the meditation without having to stop, grab my laptop and click on the meditation video. Food for thought for your next yoga/mediation challenge.

  8. cooktee79@gmail.com

    Yes more! Meditation everytime with you is good for me but also the length of both worked perfect for my busy morning I have work at 10 AM pacific time zone Oregun and I also have to walk my dog and lift weights. Perfect as always. You truly are a Master Kassandra, Namaste

  9. Konstantia Tsoni

    It was a wonderful 7day practice! I loved it and i will try to repeat it soon! Namaste!🙏

  10. Hannah Lilly

    This has been beautiful, love the meditation added to tge yoga and I will be repeating this agaim. Thank you

  11. Bex

    Really great challenge; much easier to commit to than a month (i find something always gets in the way) so this was great. Loved the addition of the meditation and will definitely be repeating this.

  12. Ingun Borg

    I have found myself enjoying it more and more as the week has progressed. I loved this today. Would really like more yoga and meditation combinations. Also liked that it was a week and not a whole month. Thank you Kassandra!

  13. Susanna Buckley

    Thank you very much Kassandra. I loved this challenge. At the beginning, i did wonder if I’d find the time in the mornings (I usually do the 10 minute videos) but I found myself getting up straight away (instead of pressing snooze) in order to fit these in. It made me feel so much better for the rest of the day.

  14. Baerbel

    Excellent challenge. Thank you Kassandra!😘 Actually, I was hoping for sonething like this for the April challenge😉🤗❤️

  15. Susanna Buckley

    Thank you so much, I really enjoyed these. In the beginning, I did wonder if I’d be able to fit them in in the morning but I found myself getting up straight away instead of hitting snooze to fit them in. I felt so much better for the rest of the day. Thank you so much for all you do

  16. Hannah Kendall

    I loved this challenge so much!! It was a great way to get into meditating and I hope to continue! Thank you Kassandra 💕

  17. Atuora Okpokam

    Thank you so much, it was a lovely challenge. Hope we have another one like this soon 😍

  18. Siri Corsepius

    The whole challenge week was perfect for me. Full Fit 🙏🏽Thank You!

  19. Jon Palmer

    Loved the challenge! While I normally do my own meditation, i rarely work with affirmations so I’d love to see more mediation here too!

  20. David Sinish

    Many thanks Kasandra. A wwek was an excellent time period. I usually begin the day with a 15 minite meditation and this challangr was a terrific addition. Feeling ready for the day

  21. Susie Peace

    I really enjoyed this challenge. My mond seems to be more relaxed than it has been for a while, ans i am aleep

  22. Susie Peace

    Not sure if my last comment posted. I really enjoyed the challenge. My mind seems to be much more relaxed, and i am sleeping well. I have to credit thia weekly challenge for some of that. I have really i corporated the affirmations i to my day each day, and that has been so helpful. Thank yiu for all the work that went into this challenge.

  23. nadinemarder

    love lets do it once a month! namaste

  24. Elke Schwalm

    I loved the combination of flows and meditation. Yin for me is like meditation already 😉 I loved that I was able to meditate a bit anyway as I have trouble clearing my mind. I would love to see more of these combinations and to learn more about meditation. Thank you so much, Kassandra 🙂

  25. Judy Pell

    This was a great challenge. Perfect length of time and combo. On a lesser note, i found the tone of the bell rather startling at the end when youre in a meditative state. I like the bell, but maybe use a softer mOre pleasant tone

  26. Lisa McMullen

    Thanks so much, Kassandra. This was a great week. Totally do able and got me in a positive frame of mind for the day. Also appreciated how the mantra mirrored the practice. So appreciate you and your creativity.

  27. Teri Gray

    Loved this week long class. Please do more. I would also like to say how much i appreciate all your time you put into keeping us all practising yoga.🙏🏼

  28. Peg Thorn

    I love this combo of yoga and meditation, thank you Kassandra!

  29. Sandy

    Loved the combination and the total length of the

  30. Julia

    Loved this challenge! I cant believe i did it! Im usually exclusively practicing evening yoga so this was a nice and refreshing change for me. Please continue to do these challenges, i love them! Thank you!

  31. Charlie Saarinen

    I loved this combo of short yoga practices and meditation! It was so easy and enjoyable to such to the scheduled calendar classes each day due to length. I always practice in the morning to set my intentions for the day and get my body moving.

  32. Elizabeth Sniegocki

    I’m loving this practice – I’m following the monthly calendar on your app so today was day 14 for me. This week’s content was beautiful. Thank you so much.

  33. Danielle Hamvas

    Great challange. I really enjoyed the week. Hope to see more.

  34. Beth

    I really loved this challenge (and the whole month) I’ve been trying to meditate before yoga and had trouble with consistency. Meditating after yoga feels really good, I think this is what I needed! Thank you!

  35. Diane Dear

    Agree with all – love the time allotted and the combo of yoga and mediation. Perfect for getting me back on the mat after some time away; looking forward to some of your longer sessions as body and spirit evolve. Namaste.


    Absolutely perfect! Perfect timing. Glad i joined

  37. Tina Caswell

    Thank you Kassandra! I loved the 15 minute plus meditation. Kist a perfect wat tonstart my day! 💕

  38. Michelle

    Great class, thank you! Please do more meditation-yoga combos!

  39. Shelley Gripich

    Loved this❤️ more please!!!

  40. Holly Kominsky

    Thank ypu! Yes, more meditation please!

  41. Cindy Fuller

    I finished a day late…..but i absolutely loved the format, the length of each, and the relaxing music! What a great way to start (or in some cases finish my day😴)! Please continue offering more of these! Regardless, im saving these to do again anyway! Thank you! ☮️💟🕉

  42. Madeline Morales

    I loved this! Yes please, I’d love to do more short meditations to finish mu daily yoga.

  43. Dvmedei

    15 min classes followed by 5 min meditations are the perfect amount of time for me. Thank you – this was wonderful!


    I love it. Thank you so much.

  45. airman.pankdawg@gmail.com

    The Only Time I Find To Do Yoga Is Right Before Bed And I Absolutely Loved The Meditation. Evsn With An Energizing Yoga Session, The Meditation Allowed Me That Cooldown And Calm That Helped My Mind Relax Amd Prepare For Rest. I Would Love To Have Morw Short Yoga/meditation Combos Like This, These Are My New Favorite Classes

  46. Tracy Beaird

    Absolutely loved this challenge. Loved the balance of doing the yoga and meditation. I would love to build on my meditation practice. More of this would be fantastic. Thank you 😊

  47. Pat Weber

    Love this routine of yoga then meditation. More of it

  48. Nadia Kawtar Alaoui

    J’ai adorė ces 7 jours de yoga suivis d’une séance de méditation. J’ai ressenti un veritable bien-être. De plus, le format d’une vingtaine de minutes est parfait avant d’aller travailler.

  49. Michelle Neumann

    Thank you so much i loved this. The only thing i didn’t like is that its over. It was too short more please

  50. Shelley Gripich

    Can you do more of these?? ✨✨✨

  51. Ivette Oliva

    More meditations please! Maybe 10 minute ones? 🤍

  52. Christina

    Love this! It started my days off in the best way. Please do more of these!

  53. Georgia

    I really enjoyed this series! Thank you

  54. Liz

    My first meditation challege accomplished! ❣️

  55. Kate Williams

    Wonderful and has helped me get back on track mentally

  56. Yingridheerkens

    Joy to practice, pls do more of these.

  57. Camilla Øverland Skoland

    Very good practice- loved the combination with meditation 🙏🥰

  58. Romana

    I love 💕 this meditation practice. It helps me get centered, grounded and check in with myself. Thank you for doing this.

    • Kassandra


  59. Nicole Cosgrove

    Was a very lovely way to fishing after the yin. Love the pairings of the yoga and meditation in this series

  60. Shelley Gripich

    Wonderful week with yoga and meditation🌼

    • Kassandra

      Amazing! So glad

  61. Helene Van Cuijk

    Thank you ,already have your app for over 2 years. I love challenges .Is it possible to have a 30 min challenge?

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