Day 1: CHOOSE – FLEXIBLE MIND Yoga Challenge

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Style: Miscellaneous
Focus: Vlogs & Motivation
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Welcome to part of Day 1! Now that you’ve stretched your body with a 10 minute morning yoga class, you’re ready to learn your simple daily challenge for a flexible mind.

Today’s challenge is based around the one-word intention: CHOOSE

All I want you to do today is to try a brand new form of movement! Something you’ve never done before and perhaps intimidates you. You can use YouTube to your advantage here by searching for free classes online. You can try zumba, pilates, kickboxing, dance, barre, yoga nidra, qigong… WHATEVER! Embrace change and try something new and CHOOSE.

Day 1: Flexible Body



  1. Julie Cokeley

    Great theme and intention!! I struggle with making decisions! so this is g

  2. Julie Cokeley

    Oops! Wasn’t finished! Anyways, i love this, and happy to work on focusing on CHOOSE as an intention

  3. Noémie Sauvé

    I was always scared to try belly dancing, by fear of not being good at it 😔but i will now go find a begginer class on you tube and try it😊 Thanks for the motivation ! Good or not i will have fun 💃🙏

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      That sounds so fun!!

  4. Melissa

    Really terrific idea! I found a 10 min zumba on YouTube and complted it! I don’t know why its never occurred to me to look up Zumba, i absolutely loved it! Thank you for the inspiration

  5. Debbie Downie

    I have just done a 10 mjn workout by Monika kn you tube. Was good to try something different and enjoyed the music, but missed the deep stretch ing and feeling of contentment that i get from yoga , was good to try something new though as i has reaffirmed my choice to do yoga😍

    • Kassandra

      It is great to try something new, even if it is just reaffirming that we are doing the right thing for us!

  6. Camille Dernis

    Oh wow… I ended up trying a cardio HIIT video… 😅🥵 i managed to get half way through and have decided ti givebit another go this week end and try to go a bit further in the video!

    • Kassandra

      Well done! Excellent job in trying, and also listening to your body.

  7. Liz Halatsis

    This 50 year old lady tried a dance HIIT video. It was hilarious!! 😂😂 Very fun!

    • Kassandra

      That’s incredible!!!

  8. Patricia Bertke

    OMG…..10 minute HIIT with Pamela Reef…the built in breaks are planks! Haha and subscribed. The rest of you inspired me to try it. Ugh, im 59 and made it 8.5 minutes.

    • Kassandra

      Wow! That is so amazing! I’m going to need to try that one too

  9. Sheila

    I did a 12 min Essentrics intro. Different way of strengthening and stretching—ballet inspired. Reminded me of childhood dance classes. Mostly fun!

    • Kassandra

      Oh that’s so fun!! Where did you find that?

  10. Natallie

    I tried a 5 min Tai Chi on YouTube. Loved it! I choose my reactions 💛

    • Betty DiBrango

      Thanks for the idea!

  11. Ali

    I chose a zumba class 💃 it was fun, will do again. Great odea Kassandra 😊

  12. Anastasia Paveloff

    Thank you so much, Kassandra. ❤️ I chose a 9-min HIIT with 8fit on YouTube. That was more my style than Pamela Reif. There was so much resistance to doing this until I was in the third set and tears poured out. After training to become a pro athlete from ages 9-22 and enduring the insane traumas of that I did anything to keep myself from more traditional workouts—starving myself with restrictive diets, commuting by bike versus car so it wasn’t a “workout,” per se, etc. It’s taken me over 20 years just to do yoga consistently and this was a whole other level of facing that early life agony that erased my childhood. The only way out is through—that is, when we’re ready to step through the fire. Thank you for this encouragement. It took three years practicing with you to trust you and what you suggested. Thank you so. 😭❤️ I may be a radically new woman after these 30 days! This is only Day ONE! Good luck, all. We’ve got this.

    • Marty


  13. emma fraser

    Loved this. I chose qigong. Choosing the slow that my body needs today.

  14. Maria F

    Great start great choice! For my flexible mind practice today I did a 7-minute Qigong routine. I had never done Qigong before. I tried not to think too much before making a choice. My aim was to support my choice with positivity and openness. It worked! Thank you, Kassandra 🙂

  15. Lieke

    I am going to try a Pilates class in a new gym today!

  16. Susan Hamill

    So I’ve always loced watching Parkour so i tried a 10 minute beginners class that teaches 5 beginner moves. I will try these outside at some point. I think Parkour looks like a dance sometimes and the strength and fitness required to do it is incredible. I think fear holds me back from attempting jumps etc but if i start small, who knows! Thanks for the push to try something different Kassandra!! 🙏

  17. Laurie Verrando

    I finally tried wall pilates ! I have been willing to try this for weeks and this challenge was the perfect opportunity 🙂

  18. Tracy Beaird

    I choose to do an extra core workout, 10 minutes with Caroline Girvan.

  19. Scarlett

    Its good to be reminded that im lucky enough to have many choices- thanks x


    I had to think hard what to do, as I’ve pretty much tried most of the fitness styles on YouTube that are suitable for my body. Apart from qigong, so I gave that a go. Will definitely be trying more. 💚

  21. Hilde

    I did a belly dance class with my husband together from Jensuya belly dance…… hillarious🤣🤣

  22. Laura Dela

    I did a hip hop dance choreography for beginners on Youtube, by FitLara. I was really bad at it 😂 but I’m glad I did it anyway!

  23. Heike

    I thought I should try Zumba but don’t like the music. In the end I found a dance workout with 70th music. Really sweatty (I’m not fit as it seems) but it was fun and I will definitely go on with it.

  24. Sabrina Giacalone

    I did a 10 minute Zumba dance workout! I was laugbing at myself the entire way through. Was a fun and silly way to start my day 😛

  25. Martina

    I did a 15 min beginner Tai Chi YouTube video with Helen Liang. I was impressed that I was able to hold my balance so well 🙂 Not sure I will return to this, but it was an interesting experience 🙂

  26. Sandra Basaran

    I did a 15 min pilates class with kim saha, not sure i will retyrn to that as didnt get much out of it

  27. Roan Willmore

    I tried Zumba for the first time . Was great fun and out of my comfort zone . I’m just glad noone was looking 😁. I think I’ll choose to do random classes more often though it’s good to explore your body and movement and stretch the mind in a different way . Thank you 👍

  28. angela

    I did a beginner Tai Chi before bed class to unwind and relax. It was very calming so i may start this as a regular thing before bed each night. I di Qigong with Kseny on you tube. She has a great channel especially if your looking to relax and sleep better.

  29. Claire

    Felt so uncomfortable with this challenge which is usually sign its a good thing to get out of my comfort zone! Did a ten minute zumba and it put a smile on my face.

  30. Betty DiBrango

    I had saved some quick workouts that popped up on Facebook for older people over 50. Dont consider myself old at 56! So I will give one a try. Very creative, thank you!

  31. jessica peter

    I tried qigong and likes it💯💯💯

  32. Olga

    I did 15-minute groove dance workout for the first time! So happy😃🤪

  33. Laura Mara

    I did a mobility movement flow!

  34. Aalya Gloekler

    Day 1: Did the eight brocades Qigong practice. In some ways similar but in other ways different standing postures and breathwork. As my husband is building his expertise in this area, it was a good chalenge and I loved it!

  35. Colleen Leonard

    I necer heard of qigong before you mentioned it in your video so thats what i tried and quite enjoyed it!

  36. kuestenfuchs

    I was very reluctant to try something entirely new, I even had a longer yoga class scheduled after this. But I took the challenge and did a programme for stretching and strengthening the feet and it worked wonders on my tight feet and ankles :0 thank you for the challenge!

  37. Patty Gloekler

    I did a 10 minute full body workout and felt every one of my 67 years! However I remembered my yoga self talk and adapted as needed so I was able to complete the class. Thank you for this series!💕

  38. Tienne Chenier

    I did a beginner salsa class with 375 Dance Studio on YouTube. I was recently away on holiday and the resort did fun dance lessons every evening. I kind of could keep up and thought it might be fun to take leasons when I got back home. Today’s class showed me how uncoordinated I am but it was a fun challenge for the body and brain. Thank you!

  39. Marty

    Did a Hip Hop Fitness youtube with Mike Peel. Way, way outta my 60yo comfort zone. So fun and and I have NO rthythm or coordination 🤪🤪😂 thx for the push to try something different!

  40. Mirtill

    I have tried a barre class – usually I avoid dynamic type of movement since I have my child. It was a bit crazy as my two-year-old was sometimes sitting on my, or taking the phone away 🙂 but still interesting and without this challenge I probably would not have pushed myself to try it.

  41. Courtney Stahl

    Thank you so much Kassandra ! Love the first day flow and appeciate tye opportunity and encouragement to get out iof our comfort zones. Vengured into tai chi today and was pleased to listen to my body and flow a lottle different from the instructoe on rhe video. Statrted a new journal for first time in 20 plus years ro accompany my new adventures and dailt challenges. Thanks so much for all the hard work and passion yiu put into this project!

  42. Therese Hallberg Bernblad

    I borrowed my son’s reflex bag and gloves and did an did a 20 min beginner reflex bag workout with Boxing ready on youtube. So much fun and hard work. Thank you Kassandra for pushing me out of my comfort zone. 🙏

  43. Courtney Stahl

    I choose my perspective and the opprtunity to get out of my comfort zone. Rnjoyed new adventure of tai chi this morning and comfort of allowing my body’s flow to deviate some from instructor on video and honor what it wanted to do. Also choose to start a new journal for first time to accompany my new adventures. Thank you so much Kassandra for app the hard work and passion you put into creating this challenge!

  44. Michelle

    Just completed a 10 min beginner Zumba- fun and easy to follow!

  45. Abbey Cannom

    Doing a Pilates group class this afternoon for the first time! I had signed up weeks ago so this works out perfect!

  46. Beth Ann Mohr

    oh this is a toughie for me. I do not make decisions easily

  47. Claudia

    I just finished a 30 minute barre class with MadFit and it was really really tough, had to take several breaks and my legs are shakin…. pretty sure I’ll feel it tomorrow and the day after.. 😁 I’m not sure whether barre will be a favourite of mine but I’m so glad I tried it!! Thank you Kassandra for pushing me out of the safe and beloved comfort zone! 👌🙏💜

  48. Melissa Hayes

    I started Yoga International Strong Core Challenge. 4 weeks. Thanks for the nudge!

    • Melissa Hayes

      Oh! I also registered for a 3 day yoga retreat later this month. My first!


    Loved this challenge! Today i did the MadFit App Pilates workout and i CHOSE to use the Pilates ring which I asked for as a gift and got intimated immediately (haha) . I also added two 5lbs weights to the workout to challenge myself and closed out with YWK April 1st practice. Thank you ! Great way to start the month.

  50. Stefanie

    Did a 5 Rhythms Dance class on YouTube and going to an ecstatic dance event later! Shifts at the moment are pretty big, so love to see people getting out of their comfort zones and embracing their own power! Well done everyone ☺️

  51. Thomas Albrecht

    I did a 15 minute Pilates class, now i’m gonna go ride my bike (that part isn’t new 🙂 )

  52. Konstantia Tsoni

    15 min Kickboxing fitbymik

  53. katie holt

    just did a 10min beginner zumba class on yt with the page ”weight loss with natasha mohan“ very accessible, quick, and fun! definitely would not have tried it so am already loving this challenge! thank you kassandra 👏✨

  54. Cinzia Pellisseri

    Did 30 minutes of beginner pilates…on you tube Move with Nicole🤩

    • Jacquie Lee

      I’ve recently starting doing Nicole’s classes too and really love them. Some can be quite challenging but her soothing voice helps 😂

  55. Jennifer Kearney

    I tried a 10min zumba class for beginners on YouTube! Had so much fun and definitely laughed a bit! Next I’ll try a 10min. pilates

    • Jennifer Kearney

      Loved today’s challenge and definitely looking forward to this whole month! 💜

  56. Kate Anderson

    I tried 5 min of the iriginal jane fonda wirkkut in you tube. Glad I knew hiw to midufy for myself. I can inagine tons if people hurt themselves back in rhe day!! 🙂

    • Kate Anderson

      Wow- didnt realize there is no autocorrect- sorry!

    • Felise Morales

      Looool !!! I did the same 😂

  57. Robin Vick

    I live in North Carolina and every wedding reception I go to has line dancing. I usually get out there and look like an idiot trying to follow along. I decided to try a Boot Scootin’ Boogie tutorial on YT. It was fun and after I do it probably 50 more times, I’ll have it mastered.😂

  58. Julie Mulhall

    I went on You Tube and found Qigong which uses movement to restore and balance energy. I found it really calming and fun to do.

  59. Susan Roberts

    I tried a couple of tai chi videos on YouTube. Very interesting!

  60. Loralee Pillsbury

    Heal through dancing on YouTube. It felt awkward, fun, weird and good atvthe same time. I subscribed to her channel to try it again. Basically the video found is free movement dance.

  61. LaVella Delgado

    I tried a belly dancing video 🥰 It went better than expected and ill probably add it at least once a week to my routine.

  62. Anette

    I tried qigong and absolutely loved it will be ding it again! What a great challenge to push people out of their comfort zone!

  63. Shandon Hayes

    It wasn’t “new” to me but I finally got back in the saddle today. Well, I rode bareback and helped to school a pony who needed some help getting her body back in alignment. I havent ridden in a while, feel VERY self-conscious about trying anything even mildly complex but I made the choice and committ. Even finished my ride with a victory hand gallop down the rail!

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      So fun!! Bareback is my absolute favorite way to ride

  64. Deborah Bingell

    My flexible mind challenge was doing Pranayama with Rob. I do short meditations all the time. This breathing practice was out of my zone but I found it fun and challenging.

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Love that! He’s great

  65. Sara Comish

    I chose kickboxing, and had wanted a 10 minute class then part way through discovered I had clicked on a 20 minute class by mistake – but I stuck with it, and had a sense of accomplishment afterwards!

  66. Nicole Collins

    I did a hip hop dance video with my 6 year old son. I have always wanted to be able to dance but i always feel awkward and feel silly. As i did the video i still felt that way but my son and I had fun doing something together and it was also a good way to increase the heart rate too. Thanks for the challenge!

    • Kassandra Reinhardt


  67. Alexis Lane

    I did weight training through FitOn with BreAn she is a great Positive trainer

  68. Craig Heilman

    I did one arm cable crossovers at the gym. I’ve never done those before

  69. Andrea Ferrucci

    Finally followed along to a Bhangra lesson from Gurdeep Pandher, whose posts I watched during Covid but unfortunately slipped away from once back to a full work schedule. Good nudge to go back and try it out myself!

  70. Swillin904

    I went for a run. I already powerlift and do BJJ. I dislike running because of the challenge. It will help me mentally and with the other activities I do. I choose to embrace running.

  71. Christian Dahms

    I chose a personal trainer wirh resistance, nutrition and well being in mind. I have done exercises focused on weak spots. This challenge helped me do it

  72. Gigi

    I “tried” rollerblading👀. I went around the block slooow.

    • Kassandra

      That’s so fun! I love that!

  73. Gigi

    I “tried” rollerblading 👀. I went around the block rather slowly. Way out if my box!!!

  74. Sally-Ann Soulsby

    I chose a barre class with Les Mills. Oh my goodness i realise how much fitter i can be 🎉

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