Day 3: SILENCE – FLEXIBLE MIND Yoga Challenge

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Style: Miscellaneous
Focus: Vlogs & Motivation
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Welcome to part of Day 3! Now that you’ve stretched your body with a 10 minute morning yoga class, you’re ready to learn your simple daily challenge for a flexible mind.

Today’s challenge is based around the one-word intention: SILENCE

This one is simple but so powerful! I want you to cut out all technology for 3 full hours today. No phone, no tv, no computer, no distractions. You can do this at any time during the day. Focus on cultivating internal silence and notice how often you want to reach for your phone or fill silence with media. See how else you can fill your time and embrace SILENCE.

Day 3: Flexible Body



  1. Sujini B H

    Mind challenge could be nice with breath work

  2. Donna

    Love thisbidea Kassandra! I do think it is something I would like to explore more in my days. Thank you!

  3. Anna

    I love this. Silence is so good and so hard 🫶

  4. Cinzia Pellisseri

    This is a very good idea for everyday only 1 hour will be great, a lot of compliments Kassandra!!👏

  5. kuestenfuchs

    Media consumption is such an important part of our life to be aware of and reflect on!

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Yes.. im a bit addicted to my phone 🫣

  6. myrtia

    Oh my…this is going to be really hard! I’m really going to try though!

  7. Claudia

    Great challenge, definitely giving it a go. Thanks Kassandra! 💜🙏

  8. Clare Swift

    Great idea .Im going to give ot a go ! Loving the yoga 30 day challenge so far. Thank you

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      Thank you!

  9. Jamie Smith

    This will be hard as I usually have music playing when im not watching tv or on my phone

  10. Holly Kominsky

    I have the day off so i can do this a bit more easily! But will work on at leadt an hour a day going forward!

  11. Nicole Collins

    I have to work today and I’m also a mama of two littles so this will be challenging. I can at least do a hour before bed but 3 will be hard on this particular day since it’s not my day off. However, I am loving these mindful challenges!

    • Kassandra Reinhardt

      One is better than none! ❤️

  12. ehmcld

    This is actually easy for me because i love silence while reading or walking. Maybe 3 hours is longer than I usually give myself, so looking forward to it.😁

    • Kassandra

      I hope you enjoy a little extra time today!

  13. Deborah O’Flanagan

    My first thought? oh, I can do this while at work … but wait, that involves a computer! This is a great idea, might as well start right now. Will be interesting to see if I can do it.

    • Kassandra

      Ahh yes! It will have to be after the work day for most of us.

    • Deborah O’Flanagan

      Done and very interesting experience. I didn’t look at my phone more than a couple of times but i was aware of how much longer I had before I could look at it! I did enjoy a blissfully silent 40 minute walk with the dog which I didn’t think I would enjoy but loved. I will try to do that on a regular basis because it taught me a lot.

  14. Robin Vick

    I did it but was amazed at how many times I wanted to reach for my iPad to look something up or check for a recipe or whatever. It was not as easy as I thought

    • Kassandra

      Ahh yes! We use our phones for so much

  15. Elke Schwalm

    This challenge is really hard as I am working on my computer as well and I absolutely have to look up everything and I love listen to music and the radio. Will try to read tonight for an hour, so that is my silent time. I have no problem to enjoy the silence, but I have this mind chatter all the time that I am trying to shy away with keeping my mind busy.

    • Kassandra

      start where you can! Make the challenge work for YOU!

  16. Sam OConnor

    I am loving the 30 day challenge. This is a great challenge that I keep in mind to do another day also. Thank for the reminder it is great to be in a state of silence

    • Kassandra

      Beautiful! I hope some of these mind challenges become part of regular routines. Take the ones that you get most or need most and move forward with them

  17. Craig Heilman

    No way ill make it 3 hours without falling asleep but here it goes..

    • Sam OConnor


    • Kassandra

      How’d it go?

  18. Tienne Chenier

    I was sure at first it couldnt be done – I was going to be working till 5 then in bes by 9. But I realized I could drive home without an audiobook, cook without the radio, eat dinner without the tv. Then I spent an hour playing with and cuddling the dogs. Finally read for an hour. I think I managed 4 hours in the end!

    • Kassandra

      Well done! Way to commit!

  19. Betty DiBrango

    Definitely a tough challenge as far as the social media aspect. Hard not to reach for phone out of habit. Read more of my Jenny Colgan book. Highly recommend. If you live in the U.S. her books are like a little vacation in the UK. Very stress free and entertaining.

    • Kassandra

      That’s wonderful! Love getting a chance to read

  20. Tracy Beaird

    I did my evening yoga then went to bed to read my book, so good to switch off from technology.

    • Kassandra


  21. Christine Michaelis

    This challenge really developed with time.
    First I needed to force myself not to look at the phone or computer. But after a while it started feeling so good just going on without any disturbance. Luckily I was on my own today and did not have to work in the morning which made it easy. But I am looking forward to find the next “silence” hour(s).

    • Kassandra

      Amazing! I’m glad you enjoyed it and more so over time

  22. RunningGioGio

    I chose to do this challenge before bed, so started at 7, sketched some drawings, srarted to paint. Chatted with my mom and son over the phone. Read a bit, then fell fast asleep. No negative thoughts from crazy crap going on. Kassandra, btw, I’m really loving these challanges.

    • Kassandra

      Amazing! I can’t wait (and hope you share) today’s challenge result if you chose to sketch and draw for day 3 I hope you love day 4

  23. Kathy Yurchak

    Hi Kssandra. I did find this challenge a bit difficult but definitely worth it! I’m on vacation this week. When I’m on vacation I tend to check work emails so i don’t fall behind. I did check yesterday right before the challenge. It was perfect timing though! You dont realiza how much you depend on technology for every xday life. Definitely want to do this on a regular basis.

  24. Loralee Pillsbury

    Hi Kassandra, i do these challenges at night after work. Quiet time was nice. Only made it an hour before my honey decided he wanted to share videos with me. However reading for an hour in the quiet was peaceful 💙

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