Handstand Series with Rob Aranyosi

With Robert Aranyosi

Join guest teacher Rob Aranyosi in this new HANDSTAND series! If you’ve ever wanted to learn and master handstand, Rob is the best teacher to guide you through the process.

This program includes:

– an in-depth handstand pose tutorial
– a strength conditioning class to prep for inversions
– a full length handstand yoga class

This is definitely an intermediate to advanced series full of fun challenges and ways to step out of your comfort zone. Enjoy!

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About your instructor Rob Aranyosi is a yoga, fitness & wellness teacher based in the Ottawa, Ontario area. His classes are creative, dynamic & challenging yet playful and are all curated with a specific intention behind them. https://www.yogawithroba.com/
The Yoga with Kassandra app is my favorite and used daily! I went into the App Store on my iPad and wrote my 5 star review directly. Thank you Kassandra!
Ana Gonzales Lewis
Ashleigh Gregory

I've had the app for a few months now and I love love love it. It is easy to use and the calendar is a brilliant addition. It's easy to navigate with so much content and it has never ever crashed on me. Well worth the money. I couldn't live without it now! You are an excellent teacher Kassandra and the app is fantastic. Much appreciated.

Brenton Dooley
Fantastic app and videos, sooo happy to have discovered Kassandra and all the great people in the group.