COFFEE CHAT – Personal Q&A (Part 1)

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Duration: 15-30
Style: Miscellaneous
Level: All Levels
Focus: Vlogs & Motivation


Hey everyone, I recently asked you to send me any and all of your questions for a new coffee chat series! I received over 1000 questions so decided to divide them into 4 different coffee chat videos. This first one is answering some personal questions that came up quite a bit. (See below for all question timestamps). The 2nd coffee chat video will be your yoga questions answered, the 3rd one will be about teaching online and in-person and the 4th video will be about diet, exercise, weight loss and weight gain. Hope you enjoy!

0:00 – Welcome!
1:54 – Tell me about your new house, how are you settling in?
4:45 – What’s on your windowsill in the yoga studio?
5:20 – What does your husband do?
6:00 – Are you still teaching public classes in Ottawa?
7:30 – Do you plan on getting pregnant? How will this affect your channel?
9:30 – Do you have any problematic areas? Injuries, issues, etc.
14:10 – What would you do if you weren’t a yoga teacher?
17:12 – What do you think about crystals? Do you believe in their healing powers?
20:12 – What is your favorite book?
21:33 – What is your secret to flawless skin?
23:22 – Who is your favorite fictional character?