COFFEE CHAT – Your Yoga Questions Answered! (Part 2)

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Duration: 15-30
Style: Miscellaneous
Level: All Levels
Focus: Vlogs & Motivation


Hey everyone and welcome to Part 2 of my coffee chat Q&A! Part 1 was answering your personal/about me questions. (Link if you missed it: Part 2 is all about yoga! You guys sent me your yoga specific questions and I’ve got my answers. I love siting down and chatting with you guys so please let me know if you’d like to see more of these in the future. Here are the qeustions and timestamps below:

0:00 – Welcome!
0:55 – How do you stay motivated and disciplined to practice every day?
6:17 – Is it worth doing yoga teacher training if I’m older?
9:00 – Any recommendations for sore and tight glutes?
9:25 – What is your favorite and least favorite yoga pose and style?
11:39 – What are the most important things to keep in mind in handstand technique?
13:42 – Best tips for beginners?
17:25 – What do you do when you’ve reached a flexibility plateau?