5 min Thursday Morning Affirmation Meditation – DAY 4

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Duration: < 15
Style: Meditation
Level: Beginner
Focus: Affirmations
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Welcome to our Thursday morning affirmation meditation! This is a simple, effective and quick 5 minute guided meditation suitable for all experience levels. This is ideal to do AFTER your Thursday morning yoga practice to set your intention for the day ahead.

Our affirmation today is: I easily balance my time between work, rest and play.

THURSDAY MORNING YOGA: https://youtu.be/oBmTm9ML9kE

The 7-Day Morning Yoga Challenge is 100% free and will offer you a daily 15 minute morning yoga class followed by a simple 5 minute meditation. They are suitable for all experience levels and will help you set the tone for the day ahead through mindfulness and movement. Enjoy!


  1. Sue Ramsay

    My standing balance was hopeless this morning which was a tad frustrating but a good practice nonetheless

    • Patty Gloekler

      I was the same today.

  2. Helena Sanjurjo

    Very nice and relax. Thanks

  3. Susie Peace

    I definitely need to take a bit more time for play! I need to journal about what play can mean for me.

  4. Mitra

    Thanks …was great! Such a shame i haven’t get in to the regularity yet…

  5. Liliana Valenzuela

    I’m sorely lacking in the play department currently. Need to fix that in the near future!

  6. Ebby LOO

    🌸Work rest play 🌸 excellent for me

  7. Krissie

    So good! Just ehat i meeded today

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