20 min Morning Yoga – Full Body Morning Stretch

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Duration: 15-30
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Level: All Levels
Focus: Morning Yoga, Yoga for Flexibility, Yoga for Tight Hips, Yoga Without Props
Teacher: Kassandra Reinhardt


Hi everyone, I’m thrilled to be bringing you a brand new morning yoga class, I know you guys love these! This yoga class is 20 minutes long and suitable for all experience levels. It’s a wonderful stretch that will help you increase flexibility and feel better in your body as you begin your day. I’ll give you some options along the way to make the poses either more beginner-friendly or slightly more advanced.

No props are required so when you’re ready, just meet me on your mat and let’s flow together!


  1. Aylem Merino

    Very yummy harmstring stretches! Thank you Kassandra 🙏 my intention for today is STILLNESS. Namaste 🌱

  2. Susan

    Super routine thx. My intentiontoday is “Strength of character” have a lovely day

  3. kuestenfuchs

    Your flows just keep getting better and better. I enjoyed this one so much, it’s an instant favourite. My intention today is “learning and curiousity” as I have to study for my approbation and some part of my ego is telling me I don’t need to re-learn all the stuff I’ve been practicing for years… that part has gone silent throughout this practice, instead I now feel curious and ready to tackle my study day. Thank you for making this possible. 🙂

    • Justine

      I agree! And I’m starting referendum (teaching) and your post is inspiring for me 😊

  4. Elke Schwalm

    Piece and harmony 🙏 Great practise!

  5. Kelly

    Namaste! My intent today is peace and healing. 🌻🪷💜

  6. Lenore1498

    Lovely practice! Great way to start my morning! 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  7. MARA

    Lovely practice. Intention: All is well in the here and now.

  8. Suzanne Ness

    Im doing my best every day!

  9. Anette

    loved this practice! my intention is quietness

  10. Annete Silveira

    This practice hit all the right spots for me. I’ve been sick, so my intention is to heal.

  11. Anastasia Paveloff

    This is an EXTRAORDINARY flow! WOW! Thank you, Kassadra. I’d also love more yin, upcoming! 😉😘

  12. Jon Palmer

    Thank you for this pracyice! My word is grace

  13. Christian Dahms

    I liked your intention, “peace of mind”. I will use that one. This os a winderful morning flow.

  14. Lisa McMullen

    Thank you so much! Intention=light

  15. Jack Strawn

    Loved this one! My intentions today are: understanding, productive, and encouraging

  16. CathySue

    I am training for a half marathon and ran 12 miles teo days ago, did a restorative routibe yesterday, and this tosay—ir was absolutely DELICIOUS foe a post-workout/recovery routibe. Ahhhh….

  17. Michelle Alexander

    Enjoyed this very much.

  18. Csilla

    This was an amazing session, thank you! My intention was “efficient” as that’s what I struggle with quite often.

  19. chari

    Thank you, Kassandra 😊 I’ve been neglecting myself lately. My intention was “take care” 🧘🏼

    • Kassandra

      Thanks for practicing with me xx

  20. Nicci

    Wonderful flow…my new favourite. Thank you ❤

    • Kassandra

      I’m so happy to hear that!!

  21. Kari

    Enjoyed this one! My intention today is focus. 💜

    • Kassandra

      Great intention!

  22. Brittany Forsman

    I really loved this one. I did it at night after work, and it was just perfect. Adding this one to my favorites list. My intention was “giving and receiving love.”

  23. Sarah

    Such a relief for the hip and pelvic pain i woke up with this morning. Todays intention is bouyancy

  24. Susanna Buckley

    Positivity. Really liked this flow, really helped stretch those tight places I always have.

  25. River

    I love the half-splits, they always feel so good. 😊

  26. Kiana

    My intention today: be kind to yourself 💚

  27. Anne MacDougall

    Happy – getting together with friends later and feeling grateful and happy to be with everyone

  28. Rosie

    It’s Sunday! My intention is ‘love life’.

  29. Laura Mara

    “Chill” Happy Mother’s Day 🌺

  30. Pat Weber

    It is Mother’s Day and I am spending the afternoon with my daughter. ❤️ My intention today is Joyful. 😊

  31. Maria Romero

    Fabulous practice today ! Thabk you ! …joy ✨💕

  32. Maria

    Love this in a Namaste Mother’s day for me! 🧘🏽‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️❤️

  33. Lyndsay

    I recieve and give love freely 🙏🏼

  34. Brittany

    Lovely morning practice! My intention for today is easy is right.

  35. Jacqui WIlliamson

    Great start to my day. Serenity

  36. Jillian Brown

    Internal recognition of joy. (LOVED THIS PRACTICE, Thank you)

  37. Justine

    Kassandra, I’ve looked for this to in your amazon shop as I simply LOVE it, but I couldn’t find it… do you have a link by any chance? Thanks in advance. My intention is “forgiveness”.

  38. PaulaJane

    Thank you another lovely practice – my intention is Enjoy

  39. Mairet Corzo

    Wonderful practice! I release all thought patterns and emotional reactions that no longer serve me!

  40. Colette Wabnitz

    I really enjoyed this practice. Super different flow and yu

    • Colette Wabnitz

      mmy stretches. I am focused and grounded was my intention.

  41. Brittany

    Your an amazong guide Kassandra. Thank you! My word is magic.

  42. Hasmig Adjeleian

    I deserve moments of happiness

  43. Marjorie Weiss

    Confident – i need to remind myself that I am! This was what I needed this morning. Thank you Kassandra!

  44. Jennifer Wilson

    I am connected to my power center

  45. Angela Hasouris

    All is well and i am safe🙏🏻

  46. Rick

    I loved this practice !thank you… love connection with th energy source

  47. Laura Mara

    “Glorious day” …On my favorite list!!

  48. cydellagj@hotmail.com

    Je suis zen…séance qui marche tres bien aussi en fin de journée 😊

  49. Sonja Sanderson

    My intention was joy! Great start to the day!

  50. Anjali Rao

    This was a great practice. Thank you so much.

  51. Alexandre Lefebvre

    To enjoy life. Thank you for this morning class !

  52. Maria F

    Beautiful start of the day! My words ‘forgiveness and look ahead’

  53. Maria F

    Stay calm and centred on inner smile. Thank you Kassandra

    • Kassandra

      Smiles back

    • Patty Gloekler

      Thank you for that image of an inner smile. I will carry that with me today 💕

  54. Roan Willmore

    Mindfully productive is my intention

  55. Erica Rodriguez

    Thank you for the beautiful practice. My intention for today is Calm.

  56. Mary Satelli

    Finnaly getting back into my daily routine and this is just oerfect! Tgabk you again Kassandra! For anyone else doing the twenty is plenty – cheers to you! My intention for today is feel good (in my body, mind and spirit) and do the things that support that healthy environment inside of me 🙏🏻

  57. Dawn Bradbury

    Great practice. My intentuon today is healing after the loss of our sweet puppy.

  58. Michele Theberge

    My intention is to be kind and gentle to myself. I’m recovering from Covid and tested negative today but still congested. My tendency is to want to get after it and resume “normal” activities but the still small voice is telling me otherwise. Namaste all!

  59. Kelsie Wiebe

    Let it go. There are things I just can’t control and I need to trust that everything will work out as it should.

    • Kassandra


  60. Chelsea Echevarria

    Resilience and Serenity.

    • Kassandra


  61. Barb Frank

    My intention is to celebrate beauty. Celebrating this beautiful class.

    • Kassandra

      Great one

  62. Jessica Silverio

    To keep strong and dont give up! 🙏🏼 Thank you!!!!

  63. Jessica Hogan

    I am calm and free of anxiety

  64. Cam MacMillan

    After 8 months off my mat, i started back this morning and it felt amazing. I am productive and satisfied with my work regardless of how much i achieve today. Namaste 🙏

    • Kassandra

      Welcome back!!!

  65. Sonja Sanderson

    My intention is stillness!

    • Kassandra

      I love that!

  66. cydellagj@hotmail.com

    Mon intention est de me détendre

    • Kassandra


  67. Angedau

    Productivity Effectively Gracefully

    • Kassandra


  68. Linda Leahy

    Wellness. Suffering from Covid right now

    • Kassandra

      Hope you feel better soon

  69. Sarah

    One of my absolute favorite morning practices 🌺

    • Kassandra

      Ooh love this one too

  70. Jeanne Herry

    I control my own destiny

    • Kassandra

      Great affirmation

  71. Pat Weber

    My intention today is to be focused and not allow unnecessary distractions.

  72. Shirley Hoy

    Cultivate Patience – my intention 💜 Thank you Kassandra Namaste

  73. Miriam Kenrick

    This is the perfect start to the day. More like this please. 20-25 mins, full body. Love it

    • Miriam Kenrick

      Oh and my intention is momentum

  74. Craig Heilman

    I love that you shared your intention… mine is conn

    • Craig Heilman


  75. Michele Theberge

    Today: Joy! Thanks for this beautiful practice. Perfect to start my Sunday morning.

    • Kassandra

      Great intention

  76. Towana Nelson

    I love and care for myself.

  77. Gabriela

    Prezent in every moment.

  78. Khouloud Herchi

    My intention is focus and learn….thank you Namaste 🌼🌾

  79. Rick

    I love this morning practise! Stay loyal to myself

  80. Jamie Smith

    Peaceful And Nurture

  81. Susie Peace

    Love, myself and others. I love this practice.

  82. Anita Furlong

    Thank you i really enjoyed this practice

    • Kassandra

      So glad

  83. Shirley Hoy

    Kindness to myself 💜

  84. Butterfly48

    My intention is ‘Be brave’

    • Kassandra

      Ooh I love that

  85. Jamie Smith

    Self Love is my intention for the day

    • Kassandra


  86. Dawn Bradbury

    Today I feel surrounded by chaos so my word is calm, to stay calm and centered through it all.

    • Kassandra

      We might all need those words this week

  87. Tania Roberts

    Focus. Thank upu Kassandra! Lots of great stretching in this one.

    • Kassandra


  88. Elke Schwalm

    Great mix of stretch and strenght. My intention is: I see things through with serenity. Thank you, Kassandra!

  89. Maureen Moynihan

    Softness and kindness

  90. Neeraja Sankaran

    Any chance of you creating a challenge of 15-20 minute sequences every morning? I love your morning challenge, but sometimes feel 10 minutes is too short, but that half an hour becomes too long

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